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How to Download Torrent Files with IDM for Free using Seedr

Hello there, I am here with another fresh article and fresh thinking and this time I am going to discuss something very interesting over here. Today we will know how we can download Torrent files with IDM. Now I have searched on the Internet for finding out the best methods of downloading torrent files with IDM. After researching a lot I come up with this article.

Now Everyone knows that Torrent is a huge source of download latest movies, Software, TV shows books etc but what when we click on the magnetic link and our download begin in utorrent our BitTorrent, but after waiting for some time the download speed does not reach to even 500kb. 
But on the other hand, we have the most super fast downloader called IDM. let's take an example if I start to download a 2GB file in the torrent, then it will take more than an hour to download the files, but If I start to download the file with IDM then it will only take a something like 20-30 minutes (depending on the speed of your internet.)

Downloading files from a torrent with IDM is easy but you will need to pay some money for it. But today we bring you a website which will help you to download torrent files with IDM for free. (All know we provide things which are free)

Steps of Downloading Torrent files with IDM:

So let's start our main process of downloading torrent files with the help of IDM. So in this article, we will use a website for download the torrent files. The website is 

Follow the below as easy as ABC steps: 

 Step-1  First of all visit website and Sign-up for free. (The sign-up process is simple just enter your Email and Password, After entering the password then Verify the Seedr account through the Mail sent to you by Seedr team)

 Step-2  Now after activating your account will be in your Seedr account, There will be many options but just you need to is past your Torrent file magnetic link in the "Past Link URL" box and hit enter.

 Step-3  Now the file will start uploading to the Seedr Server. After a few seconds then move your pointer to on the file and a small download button will appear to click on it and your file will start downloading with IDM.

BOOM! We have successfully started downloading our Torrent file with IDM.

Now, what's next. Seedr does a very good job for downloading Torrent files with IDM but the only thing is it provides only 2.5GB free space to their customer. So you will have to upload the only 2.5GB torrent file, But you can increase your Space to as much as you want, Just you need to upgrade your Free Seedr account to Premium.

But don't worry you can still increase your Seedr account Space from 2.5GB to 8GB for free. Just you need to do some steps for it.

All you need to click on the Menu > then Earn Free Space and there will be different options for increasing your Space Like if you create a review video and publish it to YouTube then you will get 1Gb, If you Tweet to twitter with their username you will get 512MB further. And if you invite your freinds then you will get 512MB of free space of each invitation.

So take Advantages of this website and download your torrent files with IDM and enjoy. Remember If you upload a file to Seedr it will take your space but if you remove your file you get your space back. So now just starting download movies with IDM for Free and Enjoy this offer for lifetime.

So That's done! Now we have learnt the method of downloading Torrent files with IDM now it's your turn...

I hope you will enjoy this unique article, If so then also share it with your Fellows on Social Media. Thanks for visiting here, See you Soon...

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