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Top 6 Ways to Get Maximum Shares on Blog Posts

Nobody has time to share my blog posts. Everyone is busy. But how "his" blog post got 2158 social media shares?
Do you ask the same question from yourself? What you did last time is- wrote a post, and you gave hundred percent of you, clicked the "Publish" button, shared on your social media pages and then... silence. Neh, not 1 or 2 minutes silence, but, a long silence. This sometimes happens to me also. That's why I searched, experimented some ways and today, I am ready to tell you some of the ways which really works if you want to get your blog post shared and by the "fingers" of your own audience!

These days, it's really hard for one to excite his/her blog's audience to share. Just by saying...please share this blog post, no one is actually going to share it because no one has time to see there, I mean, no one has time to share your blog post until you do something to force them to share your blog post. It doesn't mean that you should lock your whole blog post with social locker and say them to share that blog post and then you would allow them to read your blog post. It only means, doing some little-little things that could attract them and tickle them to share your blog post.

Here, I am going to share six ways and these ways will surely help you to increase the shares of every of your blog posts and thus, taking you towards the "success!."

Ways To Get Maximum Shares

Here are the ways:
  1. Use Appropriate Widgets To Showcase Your Statements
  2. Try To Use Colorful Images + Image Sharing Plugins
  3. Use Proper Plugins To Provide Better Sharing Options
  4. Try Social Locker Widget For Blogger
  5. Keep Tickling Visitors To Share Your Content
  6. Make Blogger Friends On Social Media Sites
Now its details:

 1. Use Appropriate Widgets To Showcase Your Statements 

If you are a Blogger (I know, you are, that's why you are here), then you understand me about what I mean by "Statements." Bloggers frequently write sentences between posts which are critical statements and can be shared independently on social media (especially on Twitter as a tweet) and with post's URL, which can bring a lot of traffic to your blog. But, you know, your audience is not going to- find that statement firstly, then copy it, then open their profile and paste that statement and then post it. It's a hectic task. That's why I recommend you to use appropriate widgets to showcase that statement. There are, well, two tools in my mind which can come in useful if you want to showcase a statement of your own and get it shared.

1. Sumo Me's Highlighter: This is, according to me, the favorite tool of many professional bloggers. Visit any popular blog like Shoutmeloud; you will get it. Well, this plugin has some amazing widgets like Highlighter. You can use it on your blogger blog and then bold your important statement. So, it would be attractive and will be easier for your blog's visitors to share it.

2. Click-To-Tweet Widget: Remember Click-To-Tweet widget I had developed some days ago? It's the right time to use that widget. That's the perfect widget in case you want your statement to be tweeted multiple times. It's eye-catching and clean and light too!

 2. Try To Use Colorful Images + Image Sharing Plugin 

These days, people like to share featured image or any image from your blog post instead of sharing the whole article or just the URL of it or a stanza of your blog post. Attractive images get more shares than non-attractive. These days, on the net, there are many tools available for allowing your visitors to share your blog post's images. And of course, if your visitor will share a picture, he/she will also be sharing it with your blog post's URL.

Now, how to get maximum image shares? Just by using some tools.

1. Sumo Me's Image Sharer: Again, I am going to tell you about one more sumome's app. It is called Image Sharer, and you can enable it from the sumome widget of your site. It works and is also attractive and plus; it doesn't irritate or force your visitors to do the task. But, just provide an option for sharing your image. Well, I haven't used it yet so I am not going to write much about it but, it looks good to me as some of my friends have used it and saw positive action.

2. AddThis's Image Sharer: This one is the tool I am using for Expert Guider. I am using it because it is customizable, responsive (it gets changed into a button on mobile devices) and looks beautiful and clean and it is also very straightforward. I am using it for a month now, and I have seen an excellent response from this widget. I recommend you to use it or you can with Sumome's app (described above).
Image by
 3. Use Proper Plugins To Provide Better Options 

These days, thousands of plugins are available in the market (and all are better than others). Well, it is damn simple that if you won't provide appropriate options at required places on your blog, no one is going to share the blog post. There should be sharing buttons after the post and a floating bar on the post page (at least). Here, I have listed some of the best plugins for your blog to help you maximize the shares of every of your blog post.

1. Jumbo Sharing Widget: If you are a Google Blogger, then I think, you may be knowing about which widget I am talking about. This widget was created (some days ago) by one of the popular blog on Internet, MBT (My Blogger Tricks) and it is available for WordPress and Blogger (for both large platforms), and it could be a nice way for your blog's visitors to share your post.

The animations in this widget and so eye-catching that could tickle your reader to share your post. The following is the link preview of that post:

2. AddThis: AddThis also have a kind of cool floating widget, and we are using it for two months now and seen a very nice effect of it. Most of our total shares happen from this widget.

3. SumoMe: Same as AddThis, SumoMe also have the same kind of widget, but this widget is entirely different in style. I mean in design.

 4. Try Social Locker Widget For Blogger 

If you are a loyal visitor and reader of Expert Guider, then you probably know, about which widget I am talking about. If you are new here, then- Social locker is a widget which is quite popular in the blog-o-sphere and widely used in popular blogs increases their blog's social media presence. In short, this is a widget which locks some part of your blog post and then unlocks it when the visitor shares or likes your blog (there are seven different actions available). 

Using this widget, you can get many shares of your blog post. But remember to do this in some limit. Unlimited use of this widget can lead to traffic fall because the visitor is a human who may get irritated.

 5. Keep Tickling Your Visitors To Share Your Blog Post 

You can use many plugins to do this. For example, AddThis, GetSiteControl, SumoMe, and even Blogger's official Featured Post widget. But, do remember that I said "tickling" not "forcing." Forcing your visitors to share your blog post can irritate them. So, kindly remember not to use it more than needed and necessary. 

You can show a model (lightbox) with share buttons that may appear once a week or once in 3 days. Do not shorten the period (like showing it in each and every page view; this will surely irritate your visitors).

 6. Make Blogger Friends On Social Media Sites 

To get shares, you would have to be present on Social Media and make new blogger friends. I can bet you, 85% of your blogger friends will like to your share your blog post on their social profile. You know why? Because you are "friend" of them. You can do the same. You can share their blog posts on your profile. This will only strengthen your relationship, and the main thing is- it is free of cost! 

Final Words

I hope you have liked reading this post and would share this with your friends and learned many things from this blog posts. So, at last, best of luck for your next blog post (don't forget to use the tactics I shared here there). Thank you! :)

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