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Useful Linux Command For Android Terminal Emulator

In this article, I have some useful Linux commands for Android Terminal emulator, by the use of this command you will get some extra feature in your android Terminal emulator, this will also save your time, But you might need to root your phone to get access to everything, also some commands won't be available, you probably want to install something like Busybox to get a more featureful environment.

Useful Linux Command For Android Terminal Emulator

Linux Command for Android:

  • chmod - give/take rights away from files. The numbers you see in the how-to is a little complicated. It has to do with the rights you are assigning the file or folder. for further reading.
  • cat - look at, modify, or combine a file. You can also copy files with this command by "reading" it to another file instead of to the screen.
  • cd - change from one directory to another
  • cp - Copy a file from one location to another
  • dd - copies exact locations to other locations. Can be an entire drive, a folder, etc. dd if=<file directory> of=<other directory>. uses an input file and an output file.
  • exit - exits the shell you are in. When you type su you start up a shell.
  • ls - lists all files within a directory try ls - l too.
  • mv - Move a file from one location to another. At the same time, you can rename a file.
  • su - Substitute User. We type this to switch to the root user. You need to type this command first to do a lot of the other commands.
  • tar - creates taped archives. Compresses files like WinZip, 7zip, WinRAR and others tar /? for details.
  • rm - followed by a file name with delete the file
  • sync - synchronizes any data on disk with data in memory. We type this before rebooting to ensure we've got all data written

 Other commands of interest:

  • df - how much free disk space. In Linux you can add a switch "df -h" but the "-h" does nothing for me on Android.
  • top - like task manager, it displays running processes. in Linux, the q key quits. On Android, I don't know how to make it quit other than closing the app.
  • uptime - displays how long it has been since you last rebooted the system. Interestingly enough the "Menu Key > System > About Phone > Status > Uptime" on my phone does not match "uptime" typed in the terminal emulator.
  • ls - lists all files within a directory
  • rm - followed by a file name with delete the file
  • busybox - a tool that combines many Linux commands into a single compact file. Typing this displays all the commands at your disposal.
  • busybox df - a much easier to read display of free disk space. This display shows how full (use%) each file system is.
If you want to know some other Commands of Busybox just search on Google like "Linux df".There are many other commands and you can also make custom ones for yourself to shorten commands.

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