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How To Download Google Images Without Copyright Issue

If you are a Blogger like me, then you will know that all Google Images are Copyright. And you cannot directly use it in your Article. Today we will tell you that how to download Google Images without any copyright issue and use them in Article.

If you use Google Search Images directly in your blog post, so you are doing a big mistake. Because all Google Images are copyright and you cannot use them without permission. If you use Google copyright Images, then Google can Ban your blog from Google search result.

If you want to use Google Search Images in your blog Post, then first get permission from the Images owner. But if you want your blog post to get a higher ranking, then you can use Free Stock Images in your blog Post.

 Steps To Download Copyright Images 

Today we will show you two methods of downloading Google Images without copyright issue, let’s start… 


 Step-1  Search Image on Google, which you want to download.

 Step-2  Now Click on Images and go to setting.

 Step-3  After clicking on the setting, now click on Advanced Search.

 Step-4  Now scroll down Click on Free to use or Share in Usage rights, then click on advanced search.

 Step-5  Now Images will show to you, and this all images are free. You can use it in your Posts. 


Follow the Steps given below; 

 Step-1  Search your Image on Google and then click on tools.

 Step-2  After clicking on tools, then click on usage right.

 Step-3  Now click on Labeled for reuse with modification. Now you will find free images. 
Follow the above two methods to get free Images from Google, and you can use this images in your blog posts. 

 Bonus Tip:  After downloading the Image if you think, that the Images are copyright, So you can upload your Image on TinEye Site, then copy the URL and search it on Google, you will see that image where it used.
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