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How To Change Administrator Password of Login Computer Without Knowing Old Password

Hello Guys! Today we will show you that how to Change an Administrator Password in login Computer (Window 7, 8, 8.1, 10). You can change any Administrator password in Computer, without knowing the old Password. 

If you have forgotten your Window pc password, or If you want to change (Hack) the Administrator Login Password of your friends and relative laptop or Computer. Then this article is very helpful for you.
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Today we will change the Administrator Password of a computer without knowing the old password. You know that if you want to change the password of your computer, I will ask for the old Password if you have the old password then you simply enter the old password first then enter your new password. But here in this article, it doesn't care if you don't know the old password of a laptop or computer, but still, you can change the Administrator login password.
Alert: This article is for Educational Purpose only, Do not Misuse!
Steps To Change Administrator Password in Login Computer

 Step-1  In which computer Administrator Password you want to change, Just right click on My Computer Icon and then click on Manage option.

 Step-2  After clicking on Manage option, now click on Local User and Group and then click on user option.

 Step-3  Here, all user accounts will show to you. Now which user or Administrator Password you want to Change just right click on it and then click on Set Password.

 Step-4  Now a pop-up window will open, Just simply click on Proceed.

 Step-5  Now password setting options will show to you. Here you can change the Administrator Account Password. Simply Enter your New password in the box and then click on OK.

 Step-6  Wow! you have changed the Window PC Administrator Password without knowing the old Password.

Final Words: I hope you will like this Simple Trick. If you have any suggestion or question just ask it below in comment box. We will help you. Also, Share this article with your friends on Social Media. 
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