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Top 17 Most Interesting Things On Dark Web

Dark Web is Present on the Web, but some of the Internet users don't know about it. But there are some Unknown Most Interesting things which are Present on the Dark Web which every Internet Users should know. Dark web is growing each and every day. This illegal place on the web really sucks but it is attracting the youth. Recently a dark web game – blue whale was the reason for 100+ suicides.

Top 17 Most Interesting Things On Dark Web

About the Dark Web: The dark web is the World Wide Web content that exists on darknets, overlay networks that use the Internet but require specific software, configurations or authorization to access. (Wikipedia)

First of all, you should know there is a difference between Deep web and dark web (we will publish a detail Article about it, Soon). Let’s begin about the topic of unknown Most Interesting facts of dark web.

12 Most Interesting Things On Dark Web

#1: It's Widely Used

You won't believe me but look it to this Picture 

#1 Most Interesting thing on Dark Web

Just because you may have never heard of it, doesn’t mean that it’s not a real thing. As a matter of fact, there are well over 500 BILLION pages on the deep web. That would be compared to the more than one billion pages that are on the regular internet. Those numbers were from 2003 so you can just imagine how many there are now. The bottom line is that the deep web is actually much bigger than the regular internet that you use every day. 
If you think about that and put it into perspective you’ll see just how big it really is.

In 2001, the data size of the dark web 7.5 petabytes and in 2003 it became 91,000 petabytes. At this time, estimating the size of the dark web is not possible because many things are hidden.You can access

#2: Special Browsers is Needed To Access the Dark Web

#2 Most Interesting thing on Dark Web

Every Internet is user can Access Dark Web, But you can't access the Dark web using your Simple Brower like Google Chrome, Firefox etc. To access to the Dark web you will need a Special Brower called Tor (The Onion Router)

Users of TOR have their IP addresses shown as anonymous so they can’t be tracked. Having this knowledge, you can only imagine what goes on in the bowels of the deep web. Basically, if you want it you can get it, it’s as simple as that.

Why you can't Track on Tor: Becuase there is a List of IP on Tor Brower, i.e If you visit a Website a new IP will be assigned to you on the Internet, but if you visit another Website your IP Address will change automatically. Every time you will get a new IP address and Track you is Impossible.

#3: Read Banned Books

#3 Most Interesting thing on Dark Web

There are many books available on the dark web which is not available on market due to ban. These books are mainly focused on criminals and many illegal things. And everyone can read this Banned Books on Dark web. And You can Acces to Dark web Only using Tor Brower.

#4: Criminal Activities

#4 Most Interesting thing on Dark Web

There are a lot of Criminals Activites on Dark Web. If you can think of an illegal activity, you can bet that it’s done on the deep web. Having your movements completely private offers a lot of open doors to you. One of the most popular things on there is the selling of illegal credit cards. 
You can also find some of the best hackers in the world on there. They aren’t very hard to find as they don’t have to hide. Sometimes a simple post can find you one of the best pretty quickly. 
Do you need a hitman? Maybe some drugs? If it’s considered an illegal activity you will find it on the deep web.

#5: Get Fake ID

#5 Most Interesting thing on Dark Web

You can do anything on Dark Web, even you can create fake IDs for any country from Dark web like passport etc. Starting price of these services are from $1,000 and it is the most popular service on the dark web at this time.

You may think that it’s an expensive buy but for those wanting or needing one, there is only one place to get the best of the best, and that’s right there on the deep web.

if you have the money. Just like in real life, nothing is free there, but if you have the financial backing you can get anything you want. You can get a very real looking fake ID for around a thousand bucks on there.

#6: Special Currency Is Needed For Transaction

#6 Most Interesting thing on Dark Web -Bitcoins

You can’t use cash, check or credit cards on the deep web. Those leave paper trails and the entire point of it is to remain anonymous.

Every transaction on dark web occurred in Bitcoins because it is not trackable. But recently I was reading an Article I found there that, government track many Bitcoin transactions.
If you don't know about Bitcoins so you can search for it on Regular Web, I mean on Google.

#7: Drugs

#7 Most Interesting thing on Dark Web

Perhaps the most famous thing about the deep web is the fact that you can get every drug ever made. Ranging from premium quality marijuana to pills and acid. Don’t worry they are very discreet in their packaging and delivery. You might have even heard of ‘The Silkroad’ which was the most credible source for some fine bud or anything else before it got taken down very recently.

#8: Weapons

#8 Most Interesting thing on Dark Web

Yeah, that's true that guns are also available on the Dark Web. And many People are going to Dark Web for buying Guns. But here i have already told that you can't use cash here. You will need a Bitcoins to buy the Weapons.

#9: Hitman

#9 Most Interesting thing on Dark Web

At first, I wasn’t too sure about this one myself, but then I saw the pictures they posted as proof that these guys actually mean business. Getting someone killed is as you expect not cheap but from the looks of it, they’ll get the job done. 
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#10: Hacking

#10 Most Interesting thing on Dark Web

Hackers are also Present in this world of the Internet. There is a whole bunch of sites where you can find people to hack anything for you, be it is your ex’s account or a top secret government website. These guys are up for anything. And can Hack everything for you. 

#11: Buy Child Spirits From Abortions And Miscarriages

#11 Most Interesting thing on Dark Web

When I say that you can buy anything you want on the deep web I sincerely mean it. It’s not filled with only drugs and guns and other illegal activity though. You can find some truly odd and weird stuff as well.

The most disturbing thing on the dark web is that You can even buy child spirits from abortions and miscarriages. No joking there. If you want it, chances are extremely good that you can find it on the deep web. Let’s face it, if there is a demand for anything at all, someone will be willing to sell it to you for the right price.

#12: Game Fixing

#12 Most Interesting thing on Dark Web

All sorts of illegal betting and match-fixing goes down here. Because they cannot Fix the Matches by Call or using other Internet Platform, If they Call or use Social Media Platforms to Fix the Match, Then it will be easy to Track them. That's why all Game Fixing goes down here.

#13: Journalists also use the dark web

#13 Most Interesting thing on Dark Web

There are many journalists who use the dark web when they are against the government or leaking something illegal happening in the government sector.

There are plenty of counties in the world where people can’t speak freely. Journalists are faced with this censorship issue every day. The deep web allows them an avenue to get their word out to the rest of the world, unfiltered. Some countries, like China for instance, heavily monitor what the press says. Those journalists that work there can take to the deep web and let the truth out, something they can’t do in regular forums. If you ever wonder where government officials get their information, you can bet that at least some of it comes from here. They obviously know that it exists so you can’t tell me that they don’t use it as well.
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#14: Google Can't Index Dark Web

#14 Most Interesting thing on Dark Web

Google or any popular search engine can’t index any page of the dark web. This is the reason that many deep and dark secrets of aliens, wars and some animal species are available on the dark web.

Google only Index 4% of the Internet and other 96% are Hidden in Dark Web & Deep Web.

#15: why the government is not banning dark web

#15 Most Interesting thing on Dark Web

Many peoples think that why the government is not banning dark web but the hidden truth is that many governments give sponsorship to the dark web, mean the government is running dark web.

When TOR was first created it was done by a nonprofit group. Eventually, though the government took over. This leads to a lot of questions about the true anonymousness of things. How can all of this illegal activity go on with complete privacy right under the government’s nose? Well, maybe they know all about it but just won’t talk about it. 
Officially, TOR is sponsored by the United States Department of State Bureau Of Democracy, Human Rights, And Labor, The Ford Foundation and The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. Those are some of the main players but there are plenty of other government groups that are involved.

#16: It's a Dangerous Place

#16 Most Interesting thing on Dark Web

You have to be very careful what you are doing on the deep web. It’s not for amateurs to be cruising around and clicking anywhere they want to. One wrong click and you can quickly find the end of your computer’s life. 

Hackers are all over the deep web and while some people are on there strictly to make money and offer a service, there are plenty of people on there that have malicious intentions. These hackers will create posts with links that look very enticing to get people to click on them. What happens next can be disastrous if there is malware or some other kind of virus attached to the link. 
If you like your computer you should be more than extremely careful anytime you go on the deep web. (Don't visit the Dark Web Without Any Guide)
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#17 Most Interesting thing on Dark Web

Government recruits top secret agents from Dark web. The person who finds and solve the very difficult puzzle which launches by any government help them to get this recruitment.


These facts about the dark web are really fascinating. I would personally recommend you that don’t visit dark web because your one bad move can lead you in the biggest trouble of your life. There are a ton of JavaScript available on the dark web which can put malicious code on your computer and can hack your everything available on your PC or phone. If you think that it's easy to Download the Tor Browers and visit the Dark Web without any knowledge. But Keep in Mind that After downloading the Tor Browser, then you have to Configure it for high Security. But If you visit the Dark Web without any Guide it will be the Biggest Mistake of your Life.

Keep Care of yourself, I will also Write an Article about How to Install and Configure Tor Browser Safely. Keep visiting here for More Interesting updates like this...

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