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How To Modify Comment Moderation Methods For Positive Effects (Increase Comments)

So, guys, we are, again here with a tip for you to become successful. As we know, comments are like the life of a blog. By looking into the comments section, one can roughly estimate the popularity or stat of a blog. There are some other things also from which, you can estimate about the blog's stats or popularity or the source of massive traffic. But, today, we'll focus on comments only.
How Modify Comment Moderation Methods For Positive Effects (Increase Comments)

Comments, actually the reaction of the readers, viewers and editors of a post plays a vital role, and they should be on every blog. That's all because, comments motivate the author (when someone comments, then the author gets to know that there is someone who is reading, and that "someone" is a human). Secondly, comments help the author to remove any typo mistake or wrong information that he has mistakenly written in the post.

So, I think you have got enough idea about why comments are necessary and why they should be present on every blog. I mean, a way to let viewers and readers comment on the blog posts.

 How Your Comments Moderation Technic Can Affect Comments? 

After knowing about why comments are necessary, won't you like to know how to increase the number of comments on your blog? Yeah? Then go, Google it; because you can find thousands of article regarding it. The thing I am going to explain you today is different than the usual googling.

Authors in the world have different-different comments moderating techniques. For example, some remove "Thank you" or "This post was very helpful" like comments; whereas, some remove comments that contain links. Some remove comments of their non-subscribers.

Do you know? You can increase your blog's comments just by changing your comment moderation technique (if you, presently, receive some comments).

 Let's see how:  Look, the people who comment on your blog are also human. When you disapprove their comment, they never would comment again (if they noticed) by thinking that their comment would be disapproved (if they had not left any spammy comment). It's a fact that you want (if you are admin of a blog) ever realize. Well, comments quality also matter. If the commentator has inserted a link to his blog, then you may delete his comment. But, if he has added a link, not to promote his blog but to invite you to see a thing which could help your users too, then you should not remove the comments.

 How Should You Modify Your Comments Moderation Technics? 

It's simple enough to understand. I would like to write all the standard rules in points, so that, it would get even easier for you to follow the common rules, you are not following yet.
  1. Don't Ever Remove Comments By Just A Link On It: Links are certainly not time bombs. If you think, that if a commentator has added a link on one of his comment, before marking it as "spam," firstly know the reason because of which, he/she may have inserted the link. After confirming that he has added links to promote that link, just mark it as spam or read the next point.
  2. Don't Remove Comments By Just Seeing That Someone Is Promoting: As I already told in the previous point, links in comments are not time bombs which would give you a Google penalty with time passing. You may approve a comment if it is worthy and meaningful and even if it contains a link and you know it's for promotion. Links in comments (except CommentLuv enabled commenting system) are automatically followed, so, they won't hurt your blog's ranking. But listen, having too many links, even no-follow links, also hurt your blog's ranking; but only if you have too many hyperlinks (mean 150-200 hyperlinks on a page).
  3. Use Disqus Comments And Edit The Comments Of Commentators: Disqus, of course, provide a set of many helpful features. One of them is the power to edit the comments of the visitors. If a comment is meaningful but at last, he has inserted his blog's link, rewrites that comment and publish it, that's easy enough! (I am also using this)
  4. Don't Ever Remove Comments Without A Considerable Reason: Your comment may decrease if you remove "Thank you" or "very helpful post" like comments. This may show the "Attitudinous" behaviour of the moderator that most of the people don't like.

That solves. I don't think that following these four rules would be a big task for anyone. But yes, it will be a messy job to smartly moderate comments after keeping the four points in your mind.

 Last Words 

You know, these were the techniques which I use to moderate comments on my blog and using these methods, our comments (which we are receiving) have increased so much. By the way, We would like you to support by sharing this article across your social profiles. God Bliss! Take Care! Keep Visiting!

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