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How To Lock/Unlock a Computer With USB Pendrive

How to Lock/Unlock a Computer System using USB Pendrive? Hello guys, Today I will teach you that how you can lock or unlock your computer/laptop using USB Pendrive. And you can increase your Security from this.

How To Lock/Unlock a Computer with USB Pendrive

If you like, that only you can access your computer/Laptop and other users cannot access your computer system. If someone wants to access to your Computer, then you want to know about him! Today I will teach you this trick from which you can make your Pendrive as a computer Password.

 How To Lock/Unlock a Computer From Pendrive? 

You can easily use your Pendrive as a Computer Password using Predator-USB Software. Carefully follow the steps given below;

 Step-1  First of all download Predator-USB Software on your Computer.

 Step-2  Now Install it, Then Connect your USB Pendrive to your Computer, And Open the Software.

 Step-3  Now choose a new Password for your Computer, And Select your Pendrive, then click on OK. 

 Step-4  Now your Software is Ready. Go to Predator Setting (preference).

 Step-5  After going to setting, Now you have to Select interval time. (select the time, after removing your Pendrive from your Computer, then your computer will lock)

 Step-6  You will find many options in Setting, which you can set for yourself.  

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 Step-7  Now your work has done! When you remove your Pendrive from your Computer, then your PC will lock, after the selected time, which you have select for yourself.

 Step-8  To Unlock your Computer, you have to insert your Pendrive, or you can also unlock your Computer using the password (which you have chosen in Step-3).
Thus, you can use your Pendrive as a Password for your computer, and make your PC more Secure. 

 Final Words 

I hope you will also make your USB Pendrive more useful using this trick, and you can make your USB Pendrive as a Computer Password. Our Today post is very Interesting for me and for you also. If you like this awesome and useful post, then also share it with your Freinds on Social-Media.
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