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How To Hack Any WiFi Password Without Cracking Using WiFiphisher

Welcome Back To Another Hacking Article. 
Do you need to get a WiFi password off course anyone needs it, but don't have the time to crack it? In previous tutorials, I have shown how to crack WEP, WPA2, and WPS, but some people have complained that cracking WPA2 takes a lot of time and that not all access point has WPS enabled (even though quite a few do). To help out in these situations, I present to you an almost surefire way to get a WiFi password without cracking—Wifiphisher.

 What is WiFiphisher? 

First of all, we have to know about it, So Wifiphisher is a security tool that mounts automated phishing attacks against WiFi networks in order to obtain secret passphrases that people use to lack their WiFi networks. Basically, it is a social engineering tool, unlike other methods which use brute force attacks. Wifiphisher presents a very easy way of obtaining WPA/WPA2 protected secret passwords.

 How does it work? 

We have to also Know about its work. And this is the very important point if we understand the work of any tool, then we can easily use and work on it.  WiFiphisher creates an evil twin AP, then de-authenticate or DoS the user from their real AP. The WiFi user logs in to find the WiFi needs re-authentication and that is where Wifiphisher works great. The Wifiphisher redirects the WiFi user to fake AP with the same SSID

After connecting with fake AP, the owner of the WiFi network will see a legitimate looking webpage that requests him/her to input password to “Upgrade firmware.” When the user enters the password in the cloned web page, it is reported back to the hacker without the knowledge of the WiFi user. User allowed further to access the internet from fake evil twin AP, so they can’t feel anything suspicious. 

The WiFi owner goes about surfing the internet obvious to the fact that you have hacked his/her WiFi password using Wifiphisher.

And Wifiphisher Tool is Alternative to Fluxion tool When Fluxion Tool is shut down, then another way for us to hack a Wifi a Network is using Wifiphisher. And it is a Powerfull tool For capturing Wifi Password.

 Warning:  “This Article is for Educational purpose Only, We do not support any illegal activities as well as we perform all the test within our own environment (Own WiFi). We are not responsible for any kind of damage.”

 How To Hack Wifi Password Using Wifiphisher Tool 

  1. Kali Linux [If you don't know read - How To Install]
  2. Download Wifiphisher from GitHub.
 Step-1  First, you have to install or update “python” in Kali Linux. Open the Terminal and first type 'cd Desktop' in the Terminal and then type the below command;
apt-get install python

 Step-2  After installing python, you have to unpack the Wifiphisher.

you can clone the code from GitHub by typing the below code in your Terminal:
git clone https://github/sophron/wifiphisher.git

 Step-3  Navigate to the directory where Wifiphisher has been installed.To navigate type below command in Terminal. ('cd' use for entering to the Folder)
cd wifiphisher/

After that now we have to list the directory of WiFiphisher, simply enter the below command

 Step-4  Now we are going to Run the Tool, type command in terminal and hit enter.

The first time you run the script, it will likely tell you that "hostapd" is not found and will prompt you to install it. Install it by typing "y" for yes. It will then proceed to install hostapd.

When it has completed, once again, execute the Wifiphisher script by typing the given command.

This time, it will start the web server on port 8080 and 443, then go about and find the available WiFi networks.

When it has completed, it will list all the WiFi networks nearby you. Notice at the bottom of my example that it has discovered the network "hacking" That is the network we will be attacking.

 Step-5  Send Your Attack and Get The Password
Go ahead and hit Ctrl + C on your keyboard and you will be prompted for the number of the AP that you would like to attack. In my case, it is 12.

When you hit Enter, Wifiphisher will display a screen like the one below that indicates the interface being used and the SSID of the AP being attacked and cloned.

The target user has been disconnected from their AP. When they reconnect, they will be directed to the cloned evil twin access point.

When they do, the proxy on the web server will catch their request and serve up an authentic-looking message that a firmware upgrade has taken place on their router and they must re-connect.

Notice that I have put in my password, hacking1, and hit Submit.

When the victim enters their password, it will be shown to you through the Wifiphisher open terminal, as seen below. The victim will be passed through to the web through your system and out to the Internet, never suspecting anything awry has happened. 

 Final Words 
Finally, the Wifiphisher does its job without cracking or even letting the WiFi user know he/she has been hacked. I think Today post is very interesting, you will enjoy it, so also show your Enjoyment & Love to us By Sharing This Post on Social Media.

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