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Best Tricks To Get Higher Rankings For Blog

Hi there, Nowadays Getting your blog popular is very hard work. Even, a full-time blogger has to work very hard to get his blog popular (1K-2K Pageviews Per Day). Well, there are some tricks and tips by which you can get Good Rankings for your blog and make it popular. Ya, Success does not code in one day. You have to work hard to get Good Rankings. Today, I am revealing some tricks by which you can start getting the Good amount of traffic. You have to optimize your blog by some meta tags, title tags, and some compression. By following these Tricks, you can achieve good rankings for your blog. In this post, I have mentioned all Good Ways for achieving success for your blog.  Let's Start Optimizing Your Blog!

 Note:  I have not mentioned here any Black Hat Techniques.

 1. Optimizing Your Blogger Template For Better Rankings 

Well, There are already thousands of templates available that are already SEO Optimized. But These Templates have poor SEO Optimization, So By Following this post, you can upgrade them to better.

1- Optimize Title Tags 

Title tags define, how your blog's title look and what your title will be on next page. By adding following tags, Your blog's title will automatically change when a new type of page open up.

Like, in 404 (Page Not Found) pages, normally, Your normally, your blog title is [[Your Blog Title]]. But when you use this title tag, your title will appear like 'Page Not Found - [[Your Blog Title]].

 Step-1  Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML

 Step-2  Now, Search for 'Title' by Pressing F3 in the template editor.

 Step-3  Replace whole chunk from <Title> to </Title> with following chunk of codes:

 Step-4  you are Done!

 2- Adding Some Meta Tags 

Meta tags are tags which search bots use to get the description of your website. Well, there are many types of meta tags are there, but for now, I am sharing two most important meta tags:

 1- Description Meta Tag  This type of meta tag help search bots to access your blog's description and show on search results.

 Follow These Steps: 

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Search Preference
  2. Now, Look for 'Meta Description' section (top) and click on Edit.
  3. Type your blog's Meta Description (150 Characters Maximum)
  4. At Last, Click on Save changes.
  5. Now Second Part, Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML
  6. Search for '<head> and bellow it, Paste bellow piece of code:

       7. Done!

 2-  Keyword Meta Tags  Keyword Meta Tags help you to get good ranking. Most search engines stop looking for Keyword meta tags but at least some search engines are continuously looking for keyword tag.

Follow Bellow Steps:

 Step-1  In HTML Editor, Search for <head> and below it, place following code:

Now, You need to change 'Your_Blogs_Keywords' with your blog keywords. It requires some keyword research to get Best Keywords for your blog.

 2. Things You Should Remember while writing a Post 

 1- Alt Attributes 

Alt Attributes help your blog to get higher rankings. You should add alt attributes to images. That's not a big work! You just need to add following code to img src tag.
<img src='[[IMAGE_URL]]' alt='[[INFO_ABOUT_YOUR_IMAGE]]'/>

 2- Post Length 

When writing any post, remember to write at least 500+ words. You can observe it by doing some research. I mean, when you search for any query in Google, On the first page, open any link and you will see that the post have 500+ words. So try to write long and meaning full content because the content is king!

 3. Enable Robot Header Tags 

Robot header tags are very useful because they block some pages from search results to be shown. You can enable it by looking at this picture.

 Step-1  Go to Blogger Dashboard > Setting > Search Preference

 Step-2  Now, Look for 'Robot Header Tags' section and tick like below picture and click on save changes.

 Step-3  Now you are ready to go!

 From the Editor's Desk 

I hope friends, that you will like and start doing hard work on your blog. For any other help or any other optimization, kindly leave your comment below. If you find any other error that is saving your template and editor show error, do the same, just leave a comment because we are happy to help!

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