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Top 8 Reasons Why Visitors Don't Stay For a While In Your Website

Hello, Running a website that successfully retains visitors and long-term fans are entirely dependent on getting them to stick around for longer than a few seconds or minutes that first time they stumble across your domain. This means that if there's anything about your site that you want to focus really on eliminating, it's visitor bounce rate during those first minutes. Doing this successfully depends on avoiding numerous dangerous mistakes that are all too easy to make. By knowing what the most important ones are, you can turn your site into something that gives you the best odds of creating long-term fans right from square one.

 Avoid These Crucial Eight Mistakes in Your Site Design at all Costs: 

 1) Your Site Isn't Loading Properly 

The most primary cause of visitor bounce; if you've just set up your website and notice that visitor retention is practically nonexistent, or you've had your page up for a while, and suddenly visitors start bouncing away immediately, it could easily mean that you're having some serious functionality problems in how long your page takes to load, or it is not loading at all. This can be surprisingly common and caused by things such as bad web hosts, browser compatibility issues or failed content management themes inside systems like WordPress. It could also be caused by non-functional plugins on which your page introduction might depend -for example, you were using a Flash intro that quit working well. Verify that your page is loading correctly for all browsers and make sure all of your plugins, as well as your CMS, are up to date. Also, test your web hosts load speeds and replace accordingly.

 2) Auto-Playing Videos And Audio  

Few website features will annoy the heck out of visitors more than having their speakers flooded with loud video or audio that instantly starts playing as soon as a site; they're visiting loads, especially if they can't quickly find a way to turn either off. Despite this, many site owners think it would be "cool" to run their favourite theme or some "catchy" video, as soon as they have their main page load, and for this reason, they get massive visitor bounce from annoyed potential readers. Forget how cool you think these features are and get rid of your auto-player features right away if you've had them installed.

 3) Computer Freezing Load Features 

Your site should be modern but also as flexible as possible so that it's compatible with the maximal number of different computers people are accessing it from, and face it, not everyone is going to be loading your page from a top of the line machine. For this reason alone, you should focus more on functional beauty without loading your page with CPU and RAM sucking load features that cause a visitors whole browser to freeze as soon as they try to load your domain. Some examples of slow loading features include Flash, auto-loading videos or other heavily interactive features.

 4) Flash Intros  

Flash can be very useful and charming if done right, but placing a massive flash introduction right at the beginning of your page without letting visitors navigate around it for themselves is sort of like having a guy stand in front of your brick and mortar store, screaming and dancing out offers for customers instead of simply letting them walk in and look for themselves. Aside from its browser as mentioned earlier crashing problems, a lengthy flash introduction that starts when your site load is also just annoying enough to cause visitors to leave in most cases; get rid of it.

 5) Confusing Layout  

You have, at best, roughly 5 to 10 seconds to capture most visitors attention with your loading pages, so you want them to be as clear and straightforward as possible. This means having a very clear and unambiguous presentation that's free of confusing navigation menus or, which hides all the valuable promised content where it's not immediately visible. Make sure your site is neatly organized and presents its most important features visible while also maintaining a navigation menu that's easy to follow for access to be more content.

 6) Lack of Promised Content (Key Information)  

People probably came to your page so that they can find answers to some specific questions or needs; they thought you might be able to help them with; these might be entertainment, learning or practical needs-based. Regardless of which, you need to deliver on what viewers hope to find and quickly. If they see that your content is thin and doesn't answer their needs, they'll go away without looking much more, and they probably won't come back again because you've lost their trust.

 7) Broken Code and Broken Links 

This problem is related to pages that just won't load but at the same time, often more precise; the domain itself loads but your internal links and forms fail to work. If a site visitor comes to your landing page successfully but then can't navigate to the important links you're guiding them to, or can't use important site tools like the navigation menu, shopping cart or contact forms, then you've got a problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Run through your entire site as if you were a first-time visitor and made sure everything works exactly right.

 8) Annoying, Intrusive Ads 

It's understandable that you might need to collect some extra revenue by putting ads up on your website, but at least, make sure they don't get in the way! This common website problem combines features of numerous others mentioned above: many site ads are annoying third-party auto-loading videos, giant popups that block off your actual content and another glittering, blinking features that can ruin your websites look and function. Bottom line: tone down the ads to a non-intrusive minimum and never, ever let them interfere with your viewer retention efforts!

 Final Words 

That's the top 8 reasons, why visitors don't stay for a while on your website. If you have a question or if you want to add some more things in this article, then feel free to ask it in the comment box. If you like our Articles, then Share it on different Social Media Platforms. Thanks!

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