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5 Reasons: Why Blogging is Too Difficult for Newbies?

Ah...its too difficult...I am going to leave it. :(
Hello Guys, This is a sentence by a new blogger, of course, means newbie blogger. Really. When I was a newbie blogger, I was fully cooked off by blogging. I had also decided to quit blogging...but I had not left it because of my blogging friends.
5 Reasons: Why Blogging is Too Difficult for Newbies?

I think, 70% of the bloggers in the whole world are hobby bloggers. They just start blogging for enjoying and after some time, they became interested in blogging. They do some research about blogging and become pro bloggers. This story is only of 20% newbie hobby bloggers of that 70% newbie hobby bloggers. But you know what? All of them not become a pro blogger (professional blogger) because they leave blogging almost after 30 days of starting blogging. So, today we are going to discuss why newbie bloggers feel blogging that is tough?

 5 Reasons: Why Blogging Is Too Difficult For Newbies? 

Top 5 reasons are following below:

 Reason 1. Imperfect Knowledge Of SEO 

Yeah. A newbie blogger never thinks of SEO. He just writes, whatever he likes and then gets failed and leave blogging. But not every one of them leaves blogging. Some of them try to research about why their blog is not growing, and after finding that (what is SEO), they delete their first blog and try to grow-up the second one. Most of them get success.

So if, you're also a newbie hobby blogger and going to leave blogging, my advice to you to not leave blogging because when your blog starts getting many page views, you will feel that you are in heaven. :)

 Reason 2. Blogging Is Time Consuming 

Most of the hobby bloggers, don't have time to blog. Because you see, blogging requires too much time. As a newbie blogger is new to blogging, he has to learn everything about SEO to grow his/her blog. And that process of learning is very time-consuming. Every newbie blogger can't give that amount of time.

If you are a newbie blogger, then you should decide a time for learning SEO. You can learn it from great blogs like MBTMBLSearch Engine Land and in jabranalitv also. :)

 Reason 3. Little Adsense Earnings 

Okay okay. If a newbie blogger has not left blogging after 30 days, and after 90 days, he got approved by Adsense, he will feel that he is in heaven. But after 1 day, 2 days, 1 week, he will think to leave blogging because he can't earn. Maybe, he will try to ask what to do now? With another pro blogger (pro bloggers are not everytime free to answer your questions) and after getting no reply, he will surely leave blogging and curse himself 'why he started blogging?'...

What to do? If you also a newbie blogger I am talking about, then you should learn SEO first and get your blog popular (1k-2K page views daily) and then again put ads on your blog. You will see, your earnings increase within some days. :)

 Reason 4. No Help About Blogging From Bloggers 

Not any newbie blogger knows what SEO is, what is a template, how to code a template, what are the best SEO settings for his blog, and blah blah... After thinking these questions, a newbie blogger thinks that he needs a teacher and god of blogging (pro-blogger) to answer his every question. But when he finds any blogger, he never replies. Then, he leaves blogging.

 What should you do?  You should ask your question in free forums like StackOverflowBlogger Help Forum and more...

 Reason 5. No Idea What & How Much To Write much should I write? What to write now?
I think these issues, 90% bloggers get on their blogging journey. What to write now? - This question. Yes Yes, this question. I always think when I think to write something. Because Bloggers have to write something different every time which is very important. Newbie bloggers believe that they will write amazing things, but when they try to write, after 20-30 articles, they start thinking these questions. Then they start copying posts of other blogs or writing them in their own language. But you know, this is not SEO Friendly.

 Tip: You should join forums, you should look at great blog comments about what peoples are in need of. Then, start writing it in your own ways and yeah...don't forget to promote it on facebook, twitter and on Google+ too!

 Some Tips for Newbie Bloggers: 

  1. Write Unique Posts
  2. Write Quality Posts
  3. Don't Write the Content Which is Already on the Internet
  4. Use Good Templates and Fast Templates
  5. Learn HTML & CSS Language
  6. Polish Your Writing Skills
  7. Buy a Good Domain
  8. At last...never give up!

 Final Words 

I have liked this post and going to share it. I have posted this post to discuss for newbie blogger and to give some tips and tricks to them. Share it! Who knows...this can help your friends who are thinking to leave blogging or start blogging. Thanks!

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