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5 Crucial Things to Care to be a Fabulous Blogger!

So many people have taken blogging as a full-time career in the past few years. Some of them started from freelancing and even ghostwriting but now are making more than what others are making from their 9-5 jobs. The bloggers work from the comfort of their homes, follow their own routines and are not answerable to managers and bosses. These might seem like the obvious perks of being your own boss.

5 Crucial Things to Care to be a Fabulous Blogger!

However, the truth is, with so many people working from home sometimes, it can be a bit difficult to make your mark in the industry. So, what is it that these expert bloggers have gotten right? Consider this article your guideline into the world of blogging, even if you are a newbie.

 "5 Things to Care to be a Fabulous Blogger"

 1. Research 

Even if you think you know a subject well, make sure you research your niche well. Most of the pro-bloggers spend the biggest amount of their time on researching. You need always to stay abreast of latest developments in your niche. You must know the subject well enough to be able to answer any questions that come as comments. It is also crucial to quote any sources you came across while researching your topic.

 2. Tone Of Voice 

Be very careful about the tone of your voice when addressing your audience or readers. These days it is impossible to run a blog and not be active on different social media such as twitter and facebook. Use these channels wisely to promote your blog and even potential collaborators. It is important to create separate accounts for your blogs and keep them detached from your personal accounts. You don’t want any strongly worded tweets or posts in your professional accounts. As far as the actual blog is concerned always maintain a friendly tone as if you are talking to your readers.

 3. Invest In Media Packs 

If you are a newbie no need to invest in a fancy singing dancing visual pack. However, it is very important to get a basic media pack. It makes your blog look more professional, and when you try to collaborate with different brands or local businesses it gives your blog a more professional appearance. This shows you mean business, and you can kick-start negotiations smartly. The media pack is like your portfolio and reflects your distinguished style.

 4. Time Management 

One of the most challenging aspects of working at home or coffee shop or even your nearby park is being able to manage time efficiently. Dedicate few hours each week to research, writing your blog, coming up with pictures and images, editing, creating headlines, SEO, and promotions. Some bloggers have a fixed day on which they publish a new post. Similarly then according to their audience and niche, they plan a schedule for promoting their blog on different social media forums. You must have a plan about how much of your time you want to dedicate to each activity and then stick to this schedule. Time management will also help you relieve the stress of overwork.

 5. Maintain A House Style 

Your house style is like the branding of your blog. Those who are from the field of marketing know the importance of packaging. Coming up with and maintaining your house style is similar to the packaging of your blog. You must have a distinguished logo, colour scheme, tone of your voice and much more which becomes the identity of your blog. There should be consistency in each and every one of your blog posts. If your blog is about organic products or holistic living or even something related to technology, maintain a theme. Your colour scheme to the brands you collaborate with all should be in sync with your niche.

 If you are considering the prospect of full-time blogging just remember: 

  1. This is a profession only for those who are self-disciplined, as you are not answerable to anyone it is possible to become distracted quickly.
  2. Blogging can be more time consuming than you realize initially, so make sure you maintain a proper schedule and know time management
  3. It is a profession which requires diligence; do not be disheartened if you don’t get the desired reach in the first few months or maybe even years.
  4. To become a professional blogger, you must think like one. There must be some blogs that you follow. Get inspired by the style of some of these bloggers. See what they are doing differently.
  5. Be organized, both in your timings and your approach.

 Final Words: 

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