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How To Solve Maths Questions Using Mobile Camera

Do you know! You can also Solve Maths Questions using your Android Smartphone Camera. Hello Guys, if you are a Student, and you are weak in maths. So this post is very helpful for you. because today we will show you how to solve maths Questions using Mobile Camera.

Do you also waste a lot of time in solving maths Questions? if you are a Student, so you will also know about this Trick. Because this trick is very old. But If you do not know, then This Post is very useful for you.

"How To Solve Maths Questions Using Mobile Camera"

To solve Maths Questions using Mobile Camera, You need to Download/install PhotoMath App on your Android/iPhone.
 Step-1  After Downloading the photoMath App on your Mobile, open it. if you want to solve Maths Questions using Mobile Camera, Simply Click on Camera Icon.

 Step-2  Now Scan Your Maths Questions from your Mobile Camera. (if you want to do Manually Changes in your Questions, so you can) Now Click on >.

 Step-3  Now you will see your Question Solution.

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If your Mobile phone is not correctly Scanning the Question due to Weak Mobile Camera Quality.  You can also manually type any of your Maths Question. To type your Maths Question manually Simply Click on Calculator Icon.

 Step-4  So Guys that's why you can easily Solve your maths Questions. And you can save your Time.

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