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Have your Memory card / Pendrive been corrupted? Is it not Formatting? Today we will know that how can we Repair your Corrupted Memory card / Pendrive? If your Memory card / Pendrive is not formatting due to Virus or it’s damaged. And it’s not working properly. So you can repair it using CMD in your computer. But today we will show you two Working Methods in this Article. One is CMD and another one we will use Software for it. So let’s see how…?

 How to Repair/Format Damage Memory card / Pendrive? 

We have explained two methods and both are 100% working methods. You can use any methods from it…

 #1 Method: Using CMD Prompt 

You can easily Repair/format any damaged Memory / card or Pendrive by the help of CMD. Juxt follow the steps given below:


First of all insert/connect your Memory card / Pendrive in your Computer, then open command prompt.

 Tip:  To open command prompt, Press ‘Window + r’. And then type CMD and hit Enter.


After opening CMD, now type diskpart and press Enter.


 Now Type list disk and press enter.


Now you will see your Hard disk and Memory card / Pendrive size here. You can find your Memory card / Pendrive by its size. If your memory card / Pendrive is 16GB, then you have to select that and it will show you the size of it in MB like 16GB = 16384MB


For selecting type select disk 2 (after typing ‘disk type’ then select that number which is the number of your Memory card / Pendrive.)

 NOTE:   Keep eyes on selecting your Memory Card / Pendrive; select your Memory card / Pendrive number only, and do not select your Hard disk number. If you select your hard disk number it will be format.


Now your Memory card / Pendrive has selected. Type clean and press Enter to format/repair your selected disk.


Now your Memory card / Pendrive will format. Type exit and press enter. After that eject it. Now you can use.

 #2 Method: Using HPUSB Software: 

Now this method you have to download & use a small software of 100kb in your computer.


First of all download HPUSB Disk Storage Format tool in your Computer.

Now right click on it and open it by clicking on Run as Administrator. And select your Memory card / Pendrive in device option. And then click on start.


After clicking on start, formatting process will start for your Memory card / Pendrive. After some time it will successfully format & repair.

Now remove your Memory card /Pendrive from your computer. And you can use it on any Computer system. So guys that’ why you can easily repair/format your damaged Memory card / Pendrive, and use it anywhere.

If you have any problem related to this article. So feel free to ask from us in comment box. And don’t forget to share this post on social media with your Friends.

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