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If you want to Save your USB Pen Drive Data and no one can see your data, so it is a Great way to protect your USB from Password. If you put a Password Protection on it then only you can open it, using your Password. Today in this Post we will talk about this trick That How to Protect USB Pendrive using Password protection without any Software. Let’s see how….?

“How To Protect Pendrive”


  1. First of all Connect your USB with your Computer.
  2. Now Right Click on your USB Pendrive.
  3. Then Click on Turn on BitLocker.

 Step-2  Now Popup Window will open. Enter Password in it. (that Password you want to use for your USB Pendrive)

Now Enter your Password and Click on Next.

 Step-3  Now it will ask you for Select Recovery Option. Select save a File. (Recovery option, if you forgot your USB Pen Drive Password then it will Help you to Recover your USB Pen Drive Password.) Click on save to  a File.

 Step-4  Now 2 Option will appear. Select first one and Click on Next…

 Step-5  Now at last, Something will show like this…

After that Click on Start Encrypting…

Now Encrypting Process will start. And it can take some time to complete, No tension. Their time depend on the Size of your USB Pendrive.

After the Process Completed 100% then your USB will protect with a Password. Now if you Connect your USB with any Computer System it will ask you for a Password. Enter the Password, then you can use it.

If you want to Remove Password from your USB Pen Drive, then follow the Steps Given Below;

“Remove Password From Pendrive”


  1. First of all Connect your USB with your Computer.
  2. Now Right Click on it.
  3. Click on Manage Bitlocker.

 Step-2  Now click on Turn Off BitLocker.

Now again it will Ask you for Permission, Click on Turn Off BitLocker.

 Step-3  Now You USB Pendrive, Decrypting Process will start. And then Password will successfully Removed from your USB Pendrive.

So using that Method you can easily Protect your USB Pendrive from Password Protect. We hope you will have liked our Post Today. For Reading Interesting posts like that Keep Visiting here every day. And also Share our Posts on Social Media With your Friends. And Like our Facebook Page for New Updates (Click Here to Like us on Facebook)

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