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Do you want to Hack (SPY) someone Call Recording? Do you want to listen to someone Phone call in your own mobile from your Home? If yes! So today we will talk about it that How to Listen Someone Call recording in your Phone.

If you have a doubt that your BF/GF or some other person cheating with you. And you want to find their truth, so can SPY his/her phone calls and then you can easily find his/her truth.

Guys today we will tell you about an app from which you can easily SPY someone Phone calls. But hacking someone phone without his permission is an illegal work, and it is a Cyber Crime. That’s why do not misuse of this post Information.

Warning:  “This Post Information is for Education purpose only. If you use it for Bad use so you will Be Responsible for yourself. Jabran Ali TV and Author will not be Responsible in Such Activities. Try it on Your Own Risks".

How To Hack Mobile Calls?

 Step-1  First of all download ‘Hidden Call Recorder’ Apk from below link.

 Step-2  Now install this app in your Victim (Whose Mobile call you want to hack) Phone…

 Step-3  After opening it, click on Accept. And enter your Email ID then click on Next.

 Step-4  Now you have to do some setting in it…

 Step-5  Now do some setting for yourself.

  1. Email For Data Access: You will receive your Victim call detail on this Email.
  2. Send Files Over WIFI Only: if you select this setting, then you will only receive your Victim call detail when he connect to a WIFI Network.
  3. Access Code: When you hide this app from which code you want to open it again, set that.
  4. Hide Icon: you can Hide this Apk app by clicking on it. From it your victim will not know that you are spying his Phone.
Now your work has done.

 Step-6  Now return Victim phone to him. And open your Email ID. (Which email you have registered in that app, open it) Now you will have received a Mail, Open it. These emails have your Victim all call details.

 Step-7  Now click on the Link giving in it. And login from the Given Email & Password.

 Step-8  Now you can see your Victim all Call Details.

So using that Method you can easily Hack Call Detail of anyone. We hope this Article will helpful for you. So don’t forget to share this on Social Media. And also Like us on Facebook for New Updates.(Click Here)

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