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How To Hack Facebook Using Kali Linux

How to Hack Facebook Using Kali Linux | How to Hack Facebook Account with the help of Kali Linux 100% Working Trick! Are you wanted to Hack Facebook Account? Guys if you are looking for all that question answer, so today you will find all your Question Answers here. Phishing is the most popular method for Hacking Facebook account. Today we will teach you that how to perform phishing attack using Kali Linux. (From this you can Hack any Facebook Account easily)

How To Hack Facebook using Kali Linux?

What is Kali Linux? How to Install in Computer? We have already posted about it. And how to hack Facebook using Kali Linux, to know about it carefully read all the Steps Given Below.

Warning:  “This Post Information is for Education purpose only. If you use it for Bad use so you will Be Responsible for yourself. Expert Guider and Author will not be Responsible for Such Activities. Try it on Your Own Risks".


First of all Click on Application in your Kali Linux, and then go to Social engineering tools and open the SET.


Now we have to do Social engineering Attack, that’s why type 1 and press Enter.


Now we have to perform Website attack, that’s why type 2 and press Enter.

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We are performing Credential Harvester Attack in this Post, that’s why type 3 and press Enter.


Now choose Site Cloner, type 2 and press Enter.


Now it will ask you for your IP Address, Enter that, after that which Site phishing Page you want to Create, Enter that URL.

 Note:  To check your IP Address, Open a New Terminal, Type ifconfig and press Enter, then you will find your IP address there.


Now your Fake Facebook Login Page is ready. Now you have to send your IP to your Victim.


When Victim Clicks on your IP, he will consider this Page like a Real Facebook Login Page, And he will Login his account in it after Login he will Automatically Redirect to the real Page of Facebook. And you will get his Username And Password.

You will see your Victim Username and Password in your Terminal. So, guys, that’s why you can Create a Fake Facebook login page, And you can easily Hack Facebook Account.

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