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How To Hack Anything Smartly Using Social Engineering

Social Engineering is an ART of getting someone’s information smartly without letting them know. Among the most desired pieces of information are the username and passwords. Many online systems even commercial websites - use your email address as a username. Well, In this tutorial we will be going to share some of the best smart ways to hack anything like a pro using social engineering.

Hacking is one thing which is considered as an illegal activity. However, there are various types of hacking such as White Hat hacking, Black Hat hacking, Waterhole attacks, etc. However, Social Engineering is one of the best hacking techniques which is used by many hackers. In social engineering, the hackers do not actually break into your system using any special kind of software or tool. But, they do it by extracting sensitive information by tricking you in some way. They then use this information to you by breaching into your system and harm you by stealing valuable data or do whatever they wish! This is the reason why Social Engineering is also known as a sort of confidence trick.

In Social Engineering, there are various ways available, using which hackers can get to your personal information. Thus, here we are about to discuss;

 "Social Engineering Techniques To Hack Anything" 
 #1 Phishing: 

This technique resembles fishing. Just like you drop a bait in the water to attract the fishes, the hackers drop e-mails with legitimate-sounding business offers. Once the target falls into this trap, they are then requested to verify themselves by entering various personal information such as their name, date of birth, address, etc.

The targets are then requested to register themselves which requires their credit card numbers and ATM PIN. Even if you are smart enough to check the logo and the link to the website in which you are supposed to enter your details, the social engineers mimic the logos and content of trusted websites and thereby making it difficult for you to distinguish between the two.

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 #2 Gathering Useful Information: 

A lot of information about you can be found in your car, in your computer’s browser, in your dustbin, etc. Hackers can get various items in the target’s car such as paperwork, security badges, uniforms, Intel, smartphones, wallets, etc. Also, hackers tail their targets to observe a pattern in their lifestyle.

A lot of information can also be found in your dustbin, such as bank slips, payment details, etc. All this information can be used to hack into your systems and inflict harm.

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 #3 Water Holing:  

Water Holing; In this way of Social Engineering, the hacker analyses the frequently visited websites by the target. Then, the hacker tests the vulnerability of this website and finds out about the often visited column by the target. Then, the hacker inserts a malicious link in that column.

This is done because the target will not think a lot before clicking on any link present on his/her frequently visited website. Once the target clicks on this link, the hacker can gain access to the targets secure system easily.

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 #4 Pretexting: 

This technique of Social Engineering is also known as blagging. In this technique, the hacker creates a pretext for the target by inventing a scenario wherein, the target is made to believe that he might be in danger.

In this panic situation, the target is asked to give up their personal information such as the date of birth, address, credit card number, ATM PINS, to avoid any damage. In this technique, the hackers often impose themselves to be police officers, bank managers, to get their job done.

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 #5 Getting a job: 

This is the best option for the hackers to gather all the information required to get into any system of their target. However, this option is not always available for the hackers because getting a job requires a certain set of skills which the hacker may or may not possess. But, if the hacker manages to get a job at the target, he/she can gain access to all the information required.

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