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How To Get Information About Any Wordpress Website in Kali Linux By Using Wpseku

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If you are familiar to Internet you can find Numbers of website which are been created by using WordPress. and If are interested in Finding details of any WordPress website or finding Vulnerability of website then you are at right place.
In this Article we will learn to collect information about the website which is hidden or you don't know about it ,such as user-names related to website , IP address , Themes used and many more information.
so, lets start…

 wpseku   -WordPress security scan. This is tool which can gather information about any WordPress site. This tool is available on git-hub. you can download it by below process.
Follow the Below Giude;

"Steps To Get Information Of Any Wordpress Website Using Kali Linux"


Open Terminal in Kali Linux, and change your Directory to Desktop by Entering the Below Command.


type following command to download WPSeku from git hub,


Your Downloaded file of WPseku folder is created on desktop.
Now change Directory to WPSeku folder by Entering the Below Command.

And Then Type;


No it's Time to Run WPseku. just type...


Here your Wpseku will start automatically.

Now use the following command to attack on a website,

Wpseku will now start Giving you information about website you are trying to attack.

 Warning:  “This Article is for Educational purpose Only, We do not  support any illegal activities as well as we perform all the test with in our own environment (Own Website). We are not responsible for any kind of damage.”

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