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How To Control Android Phone From Face [Master Trick]

How to control your Android Phone with your Face? Hello Guys today we will tell you that How to make your Android Phone very Smart. How to control it from your Face?

In today time everyone use Android Smartphone. You will also…! Guys If you want to Control your Android Phone from face, then read this article carefully at the End.

‘Steps To Control Android Phone From Face”


First of all download & Install EVA Facial App in your Android Smartphone.

Open it, and then go to Setting > Accessibility > EVA and turn it on.


Now Turn on EVA Facial App. And Accept Terms & Condition, Click on OK.


Now go To your Phone Setting > Language & input > keyboard Setting > And enable EVA Keyboard. And also choose EVA keyboard in default Keyboard.


Now set your face in the Center, and Click on Next. Now you have to set Pointer Speed. When you move your face, then the pointer will automatically moves. Do not very fast the Pointer speed.


Now click on NEXT – NEXT.


Now Control button will show to you in the left side of your Phone. It’s means that now you can control your Phone from your Face.

So Guys following our Steps you can easily Control your Phone from your Face. If you are facing to any problem So feel free to ask it in Comment box.

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