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What is Kali Linux Full Guide – Today we will talk about the New Operating System, I think everyone will hear about it. If you have a little bit Interest in Technology, then you must hear about Kali Linux. Today we will tell you that what is Kali Linux? How to install Kali Linux in Computer? [Full Guide Step By Step]

What is Kali Linux?

If you have a little bit Interest in Hacking, then you will hear about Kali Linux. If you use Window 7, 8, 8.1, 10 in your Computer, like it you can also Use Kali Linux In your Computer.

Kali Linux is an Operating System like Window. If your Interest is in Hacking/Cracking, then Kali Linux is only For You, because it Mostly use in Penetration Testing, Security Research, Computer Forensics and reverse Engineering.

Our Next Articles are Coming Soon on How to use Kali Linux, How to do Hacking using Kali Linux? (Keep Visiting Here)

But today we will only talk about How to Install Kali Linux in your Computer…

How To Install Kali Linux In Computer?

There are Many Methods of Installing Kali Linux in Computer. But if you want to Use it without any Tension in your Window, So you can easily to that from VMware Player, Follow the Steps Given Below;

First of all download ISO file and VMware Player of Kali Linux in your Computer.
 Step-1  Now Simply Install VMware, and then Open it. And click on 'Create a new virtual machine'.

 Step-2  Now Select Install disc Image File (iso). And Click on Browse Button and choose ISO file of Kali Linux. (Which you have downloaded from above) Now Click on Next.

 Step-3  Now select 'Linux in Guest OS', and Select your ISO File of Linux in Version.

 Step-4  Now Type Kali Linux in Virtual machine Name. Click on Next and Select 20GB in Maximum Disk Size (Select According of Your Hard Disk C Drive Free Space. Minimum 8GB) And Select 'Store Virtual disk as a Single file', then click on Next.

 Step-5  Now You have to do some more Setting, Click on Customize Hardware.

 Step-6  Now Choose 1024MB in Memory (You can also Choose 2048MB, if your Computer RAM is High). And Select 2 Cores in Processor.

 Step-7  Now Select 'Network Connection Bridge' in Network Adapter, Click on Close. And then Click on Finish Button.

 Step-8  Now your 50% Work has Completed. Now Your Virtual Machine will start Automatically, Click on 'Graphical Install' in Boot Menu.


Now Your Kali Linux Installation Process will start. Follow the Points Given Below.
1. Select your Language English.
2. Select Your Location (Pakistan)
3. Now Select United States – en US.UTF8 in Configure Locals.
4. You can Select American English in Keyboard.
5. Hostname – Enter your Computer Name. (it will be use to Login to your Computer)
6. Domain – Enter your Website URL (
7. Now Create a Root Password. (it will also use to login to your Computer)

 Step-10  Now After that, Select 'Guided – use entire disk' in Disk Partition. After that press Continue, and again Press Continue.

 Step-11  Select ‘All files in one partition’ in Partition Disk, and Click on ‘Finish partition and write changes to disk’, and then click on Continue.

 Step-12  Now Click on Yes in ‘Write changes to disk’, and then click on Continue. Now process will Start for Some time. (it can Take a little bit longer Time. Wait Wait Wait…)

 Step-13  Now Select Yes in ‘Network mirror’ And ‘HTTP Proxy info’ - leave it blank. Then click on Continue. (If Kali Linux doesn't Install in your Vmware, then Select No option in Network Mirror)

 Step-14  Now Install 'Grub Boot Loader', Click on Yes.

 Step-15  Now your Kali Linux has Successfully Installed. Now it will Restart automatically, after that Click Kali GNU/Linux and Open it.

 Step-16  Now Type your Username and Password. (Your Username and Password is that which you have given above. Read Step-9 and Point 5 & 7)

 Step-17  After Sign in your Kali Linux is Read. Now you can use…

You can Also Watch Videos Of Kali Linux Installation Process From the Official Website of Kali Click Here to Visit.

So that’s why you can Install Kali Linux in your Computer. If you have any Problem in the Steps ask it in Comment Box.

Next we will Post about How to Do Hacking from Kali Linux? Keep visiting here.

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