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Hello Guys! Today we will tell you a very Interesting and Popular trick, from which you can easily Create Whatsapp account without Sim Card and without Phone Number. This will not a Fake account, you can share this New Number with your Friends and Relatives. Your Whatsapp account will work like a real Account.

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“Steps To Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number”


First of all Download TextNow app on your Phone.

After Downloading, then Install it on your Phone and Open it…
After Opening, Now Sign up from your Email ID.


After Signup, Now Enter your Area Code, OR Enter any 3 Number

After that, you will Get your New Number,

Now Copy Your New Number.

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After copying New Number, Now Enter it in Whatsapp. But you must Change the Whatsapp Country Code to +1 (US).

Now some seconds Process will start, to receive Messages on your Number, Open TextNow app. If you receive Whatsapp Message code in it, Then you can Open your Account by Entering that Code, But if you do not receive any Code, then wait for 5 mint after that Apply for Call Verification, Now in your TextNow Number you will receive Call from Whatsapp, Receive it, and Listen to Code and Enter it in Whatsapp, and Use your Account.

Now All Done! Now your Whatsapp Account has opened. So using this Method you can use Whatsapp without Sim Card & Phone Number. Hopefully, you might have liked this Post. If you are facing any Problem Related to this Article, Then Comment below. And Thanks For Visit.

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