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If you have virus in Android Mobile, and it’s Hanging, and it’s Running Slow, So No Tension. Because today we will tell you 100% Working Tricks from Which You can Easily Remove Virus from Android Smartphone and you can protect your Device from Virus. And you can Stop Your Phone from Hanging, and again you can use your Phone Fastly.

Some time it happened, when we use Internet so Visiting many Unknown site from which Virus come to our Phone. From which our phone becoming Slow, and Hanging.

If you want to protect yourself from Virus so don’t visit any Unknown sites that Not Secure. [JabranAliTV is a Trusted and Secure Site, you can Visit it without any Tension]

Some time when we Install any Malicious Softwares in our Phone. Mostly Virus Comes from this. If you want your Phone protected from virus then do not Install any Unknown Application. And I recommended you to only download Apps from Playstore.

How To Find Virus In your Android Mobile?

Your Android Phone is running slow, and also hanging. Then maybe your have Virus in your Phone. Some time when we Install Malicious Apps in our Phone that can Damage our Phone from which mostly virus comes in our Phone. So Today we will tell you the Top Best Methods from Which you can easily Remove Virus From your Android Mobile.

“Steps To Remove Virus From Android Mobile

#1 Reboot Your Smartphone:

If you’re Phone Is Hanging, and running slow, then First of all you have to Reboot (Restart) your Mobile.

1. Press Power Button for Some time.
2. Click on Reboot Option.
3. After Restarting Android Mobile,
4. Go To Setting > Apps > Download and Uninstall Unknown Apps.

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#2 Use Best Antivirus:

1.  360 Security – Antivirus Boost:  Download this in your Android Mobile. And use this in your Mobile. This is a popular Antivirus from Android Mobiles. And it’s 100% Free. By use of this you can easily Remove Virus from your Android Mobile.
2.  Avira Antivirus Security:   Download it in Your Android Phone. It is same to 360 Security, it’s also a Best Antivirus.
3.  Avast Mobile Security:  You can easily remove Virus from Android Mobile. Using this Antivirus.
4.  AVG Antivirus Security:  is also a Best Antivirus. For removing virus from Android Mobile.
5.  CM Security:  it’s also a Best and Popular antivirus. By the use of this you can easily remove Virus from this.
6.  Hi Security:  is the Most Popular Antivirus for Android Mobiles. And it’s 100% Free.

#3 Use Best Cleaner App:

1.  CCleaner:  is a best android App, for cleaning Android Phone. By the use of this you can easily Remove Junk Files from Android Mobile. From your phone will become Fast.
2.  DU Speed Booster:  is also a Cleaner, which Delete all Junk Files From your Phone, and Speed up your Phone and make it Fast.
3.  Clean Master:  I think you will know about it. It’s a Popular App. By the use of this you can Speed up your Phone, and make it more Fast.
4.  The Cleaner – Speed Up & Clean:  this also same to that all, and it’s a Cleaner app. And will help you Seep up your Phone.
5.  Hi Security:  it’s a Best Antivirus but it’s also a Best Cleaner. It will help You to Remove Junk Files and Speed up your Phone.

 Note:  For Downloading That Apps Just Click on it's Name.

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#4 Don’t Click & Install Any Malicious Links & Apps:

If you want your Phone Safe from Virus then don’t Click on Any Unknown Links. When you click on any Unknown Link, Virus will come to your Phone From that Link which can Steal Your Personal Information. Clicking & use That Link which you now and Always use Google Chrome & UC Browser.

If you want your Phone Safe then don’t Install any Unknown App. When you Install any Fake App then they can Damage your Phone. So use That Apps which you Know And Always Download Android Mobile Apps from PlayStore.

From this post you will have known, that How Virus comes in our Android Mobile. How To Remove Virus from Android and How To Safe your Android Mobile From Virus, If you Follow that Steps then your Phone will Fully Safe from Virus.

So that was the Top Best Methods for Removing Virus From Android Mobiles, Hopefully you might have Liked this Post, And Don’t Forget To Share this On Social Media with your Friends and Relatives.

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