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Are you thinking that someone is Hacking your Computer? Your Data are spying? How to Know? Hello Guys! Today we will tell you about the Top Tricks from which you can easily confirm that your Computer has Hacked or Not.

#10 Tricks To Know Your Computer Has Been Hacked!

#1. The Antivirus Is Switched Off? Hacker Disable your Antivirus before Installing any Spy Software in your Computer. So if your Antivirus Is Switched Off? Maybe Your Computer has been Hacked.

#2. New Programs have Installed? Does any Software, or any Program has Installed in Your Computer, which you haven’t Installed before. Maybe that Software is Spyware Which Hacker Installed in your Computer For Spying Your Data.

#3. Your Passwords Have Changed? If your Computer Password or any Other Account password has Changed, So you Should know that Your Computer has been Hacked, and also Your Accounts.

#4. Are You Redirected To Different Websites? If you are using Internet, you have automatically redirecting to Different Websites. Unknown Tabs are opening automatically in your Browser. Then Maybe Hacker has installed any Spyware in your Computer from which it all going wrong.

#5. Unknown Programs Requesting Access? Is any Unknown Program/Software Need Administrator Permission in your Computer? Which you haven’t installed before? Do not Grant that Program. It can Hack your Computer, Maybe it’s Spyware.

#6. Your Printer Doesn’t Work Properly? If your Printer does not Work Properly. It gives you any Error. And it does not give your Print Properly. It Confirm that Maybe Hacker has Hacked your Computer from which your Printer Software don’t Work.

#7. Unusual Webcam Behavior? Is your Computer Camera On/Off Automatically? So you should know that someone is Spying You. And Hacker is Taking Pictures of you from your Webcam.

#8. Your Computer Work Very Slowly? Have your Computer Performance become Very Slowly. And it Take time to Complete any Process, Compare to the Past. So Maybe Hacker is Hacking Your Computer.

#9. Your Internet Speed Has Become Slow? Is your Internet Speed Suddenly Becoming Slow? And your Data is losing without Any Downloading; Maybe Your Computer has compromised. Because Hacker cannot get Your Data without Internet Connection, Internet Connection is Require for a Spyware To Send Data To Hacker.

#10. Your Anti Malware Software, Registry Editors, Task Manager Are Disabled or Can’t Restart? Suddenly Your Anti Malware Software, Registry Editors, Task Manager all are Disabled? And it doesn’t Work Properly. Maybe hacker is Hacking your Computer.

So that Was the Top #10 Tricks From which you can Know That Your Computer Has Hacked or Not. After Reading the #10 Tricks now you think that Your Computer Has been Hacked, Then Follow the Points Given Below:

 What To Do If Your Computer Is Hacked? 
  • First of all Uninstall that Softwares which you haven’t installed in your Computer. (I Recommend you that Check Every Computer Programs daily in Setting if You see Any Unknown Software in it Delete it)
  • You have to Open Task Manager in your Computer, and Go to Process and END all Unknown  Process. (If you want to Know About Process, Simply Copy it’s Name and Search it on Google)
  • You have to Install a Antivirus to Your Computer, and Scan your Full System.
  • You have to Backup Your Important Files/Documents.
  • You have to Change your all Accounts Passwords.
  • If you have any More Doubt, then Show your Computer to any Specialist.

So Guys We hope, Our Today Information will helpful for You. If you liked our Posts Today So Share it with your Friends on Social Media.

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