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Hello! If you want to Hack someone Instagram Account or Thinking about it So Today we will tell a Very Interesting Trick About it. If you follow this Article Steps Carefully so will Hack Any Instagram User Account easily…

“Hack Instagram Account Step By Step”


First of all Go To z-shadow Site, And Click on Signup…


After clicking on Signup, Signup Form will Open. Enter your Detail in it then click on Signup.

1. Enter your Username.
2. Enter your Unique Password (Password can be Anything)
3. Enter your Email Address.
4. Select Your Age.
5. Choose your Country.
6. Enter Captcha Code.
7. Click on Signup!

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 Now your Account is Ready. Now you will need to Create a Fake Instagram Page. That’s Way Go To Custom Page > Click on Create Your Own Page…

Now a Page will Open like This…

Now fill it Like This;

1. URL: https:// www.instagram .com/accounts/login
2. User Agent: Android
3. Captcha: Enter it given above.

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 Now After Clicking on Make, Fake Webpage will Create, After that Click on Click Here and you will Go To My pages page.

Now you are in My Pages Page.

Now Copy the link given above. And send this to Your Victim (whose Account you want to Hack) you can send this on Facebook and Whatsapp…

This Link will look Like Real Instagram Link... And whose Account you want to Hack tell him To Login his/her Account on that Link, when he/she login his/her Instagram account on your Link. You will Get his/her Username & Password …

Now for Finding his/her Username & Password Simply Click On My Victim…

Now you will see 1 is written on My Victim. Click on it… (We have Hide it and Used Picture on it in above Picture)

Now a Page will open like That. it has Full detail of Your Victim. Now who’s Account You hacked you will Find His/her Full Detail here. (In My Victim)

So using this Method you can Hack Your Friends Instagram Account Easily. You can Hack Any Login sites Accounts From this by Creating a Fake Webpage. Simply Enter That Site Link On Instagram Link. And send it Victim. Then Enjoy!

Warning:  “This Post Information is for Education purpose only. If you use it for Bad use so you will Be Responsible for yourself. Jabran Ali TV and Author will not be Responsible in Such Activities. Try it on Your Own Risks".

If you have Any Problem Related to This Posts. Feel Free to ask it in Comment Box Below. And Share this with Your Friends...


  1. But nobody is entering the password ..
    For that any app Is there....

    1. First of all I am Glad to see you here.

      hacker Must Be Smart. You can use Spy Apps for Tracking your Victim Phone Activity. Maybe He Enters his Password when you are Tracking him.

      Keep Visiting here..

    2. Read This....

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    1. Hi Martina,
      I am glad to see you here. Yes you are right Hashtags(#) can help us to be get a lot of followers on Any Social Media accounts.

      Thanks for Visiting Keep visiting here.