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Does your computer have virus? If yes! How to Find that and Remove it? In today's time everyone use Internet, and normally Virus comes from Internet. And we Cannot Off Internet by the cause of Virus, That’s why you have the One way, To find Virus in your Computer and Remove it. And use Internet Securely without Antivirus. (If you use Window 7, 8, 8.1, 10 these Window have their own Antivirus Read this  Click Here )

But if you use Window XP Or other OS System, and you also do not have any Antivirus, if your Computer have Virus, then don’t take any Tension just Read and Follow every Steps of this Article. So today we will tell you that How to Find and Remove Virus From Computer.

“Steps To Remove Virus From Computer”

 Step-1  First of all Search Command Prompt in your Computer, then Right click on it , then Click on Run as Administrator. (Simply, You can also Search cmd  in your Run and Press Enter)

Now After opening cmd now type  cd.. and press Enter.

 Step-2  Now which drive has virus Enter its Name.

We have Opened  d: drive…

Now type  dir  and press Enter. Now Your Drive Data will Show to You.

 Step-3  Now Type this Code and Press Enter. (You can also Copy this code and Paste it in cmd)

Now if your Drive have any Unusual Files or Virus, Which are not deleting from your drive. That will show to you.

Now which virus you want to delete first of all rename it with the help of cmd.

Type  rename virusname.extension newname  and press Enter.

 Step-4  Now your virus Name will rename, now open your drive and you can easily Delete that Virus. You can also delete virus by the help of cmd. Type  del virusname.extension  , and then Type Y.

So that’s why you can easily delete/remove Virus or Unusual Files from your Computer. Also Share this Article with your Friends and tell them about this Awesome Trick.

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