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Hello! Some time it happens when we Chat on Facebook, so All Facebook Messages Store in our Conversation Box. You face to these type of Problems, from which your Messenger Speed Become Low, And If you want to Search Some Messages in it, then this is Another Problem of a lot of Messages in our Message Box. So that’s why I recommend you to Delete Facebook Messages Time by Time from which you Facebook Will Work Fast. So today we will tell you that How To Delete all Facebook Messages(Chats) from one Click.

“Delete All Facebook Messages Step By Step”


First of all Add Facebook – Delete All Messages Extension in your Google Chrome Browser…

After Adding Extension in Your Browser, Login your Account in Facebook…
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After Login to Facebook, Now Open your Message Inbox

After Opening Message Inbox, Now on your Right Side Facebook – delete All Messages Extension Icon is Showing which you have Downloaded…

Click on Open your Messages.

Now Warning Page will Open

Read this Page Carefully. This Page says that Once if you Delete your Facebook Messages then it cannot be Recover.

After Reading Warning Page, Now Click on Delete Option Shown Above…

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After Clicking on Begin Deletion, your All Messages will Delete one by one.

We hope your all Messages will have Deleted. So if you Like This Posts, then don’t Forget to Share this On Social Media.

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