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How to create Virus? How To crush someone computer by creating a Dangerous virus? If you are searching for these all questions so today we will tell you all your Questions Answer in this Article. Because today we will tell you that how we can to Create Computer Virus? How to use this? How to disable Virus? So let’s get Start!...

This is an education purpose only. If you intend to use it in any illegal activity, That fully responsibility is yours only.Here I am posting the process how to create a virus.

How To Make virus?

Today we will tell you How to Create Virus using Notepad, Save the below Codes with .bat Extension in Notepad File. (Name can be Anything But .bat is Must). When someone open the File, Virus will start it work.

#1. Internet Disabler; 

This is a Very harmful Virus, Running it will disable your Computer Internet Permanently.


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#2. Crush Window; 

This is a Very Dangerous virus, Running it will crush your Computer Window, it will Format C Drive Completely.


#3. Application Bomer; 

This is a Bomber virus, running it will open all your Application at once, Which will HANG your Computer.


You can Change the Application Name.

#4. Folder Flooder; 

Running it will Create Unlimited Folders in your Computer, Which will HANG your Computer.


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#5. Antivirus Disabler; 

Running it will disable your Antivirus, and it will not Execute any Virus in your Computer, and it can Disable your Antivirus Permanently.


#6. Registry Cleaner; 

Running it will Delete all Registry From your Computer…


So using that Codes you can create virus and Send to someone (Run it in someone's Computer) and you can Damage his/her Computer. But you don’t do this, damage someone's Computer is not a Good thing, And use this Trick for Education Purpose Only. If this article is Helpful for you then Share it On Social Media. 

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