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Hello! Today we will tell you about Changing or Hiding IP Address, and we will also talk about that what is IP Address, And how to Find it, And How To Change or Hide IP Address of Computer or Android Mobile (Smartphone), This is very Easy, But you have to Follow all The Steps Carefully…

“Steps To Change or Hide IP Address”

 Change/Hide Computer IP Address: 

 Browser Proxy:  This is a Best and Easy method, For Changing IP Location or Hiding IP Address of Your Computer Proxy. And you have to Add this Extension in your Browser, after that you can Easily Change or Hide your Computer Proxy and IP Location, And you can Change your Computer location to Any Country.


First of all Download Extension…

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After Installing Extension in your browser, now Click on it, and Select any Country. Now you are Done! Now your Proxy and IP location Address has Changed. And your Original Public IP Address has Hidden.

If your Browser do not Support Extension, then you can Add Any Country Proxy or port In your Browser Manually from this Website. and you can Change your Browser IP Address. And you can Hide your Public IP Address.

 Change Android Mobile IP Address: 

If you want to Change your IP address, then you need to Download & Install IP Changer App in your Android Phone.

Now Open the App And Click on Change IP.

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After clicking on Change IP, Now Process will Start for Some time After that your IP Address will Change…


Now your IP address has Changed, If you want to Check then Go To Setting > About > Info…

 How To Hide Android Mobile IP Address? 

If you want to Hide your Android Phone IP Address, Then VPN is a Best and Easy Why, from which you can Hide and Secure Your IP Address. First of All Download Free VPN app

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After Downloading, Install it in your Phone, After that Open this App.


Now Accept Terms & Condition, And Mark ‘I Trust This App’ And Click on OK.


Now your Work has Done! Now Click the Options, And Select any Country, After that your Public IP Address will Hide, And Which Country you selected your IP will show of That Country…

 Best VPN For Android; 
Hola VPN (it’s also a Best VPN to Hide your IP Address, Download this From Play Store)

So that’s Why you can Change/Hide your Android & Computer IP Address Easily. If you have any Problem in Changing IP Address you can Ask it in Comment Box. And Don’t forget to Share this Article On Social Media…

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