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Hello Guys! Today we will Talk about a very Interesting Topic. If you want to Read your Friends or Relatives Whatsapp Messages on your Phone OR want to Hack his/her Chat. So today we will Show you a Very Easy and 100% Working Method.

If you want to Hack someone Whatsapp Account, And read his/her Messages on your Phone, So there are Some Requirements For it that you need to Complete...


  1. Whose Phone You want to Hack, You have to Take his/her Phone for Some Time.
  2. Download Whatscan For What web Android Apk. [Download]
  3. Internet Connection is Required for Both Phones. (You and Your Victim Phone).

Alert: “Hacking is an illegal Work. And this Post Information is for Education purpose only. If you use it for Bad use so you will Be Responsible for yourself. Jabran Ali TV and Author will not be Responsible for Such Things. Try it on Your Own Risks.

How To Read Someone Whatsapp Messages?

If You complete all The Requirement Given Above. So you can easily Hack your Victim Whatsapp Account. For that Follow the Steps Given Below:


First of all download Whatscan for Whatsweb Apk on your Android Phone, And Install it.


Now open Whatscan for Whatsweb App, and Select your Language.

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Now QR Code will Show to you. Now you have to Scan this From Your victim Phone.


Now take your Victim Phone for Some time, And Open Whatsapp in Option-Click on Whatsapp Web.


Now your Victim Phone camera will start. From this Scan QR Code in your Phone.

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Now you’re Victim Whatsapp will Open on Your phone. Now give him his Phone. Now you can Read his all Chat on your Phone. And you can use his/her Whatsapp Account on your Phone.


Now you can do anything in his/her Whatsapp Account. Chat Delete, Create Group, Send Messages & More…………

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