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If you want To Protect your Facebook Account from Hacking then you should keep this thing in your Mind which we are discussing here. So today in this Article we will Discus about How to be Safe on Facebook, so let’s start…..

Sometimes it happened that without our Knowledge Hacker Hack your Facebook Account. In this case, we don’t focus on Facebook Security. If hacker access to your Facebook Account profile so he can steal your Personal Information and can Post to your Account. If you want to protect your Facebook Account from hacking, So follow the Points given below;

Today we will tell you about Facebook Secrete Tricks from which you can put Privacy on your Facebook Account and protect it From Hackers.

How To Secure Facebook Account?

 #1 Enable login Alert: 

This is the best Feature of Facebook. After Enable it If someone Login to your Facebook Account, You will get notification from Facebook Instantly. And you can Protect your Information from Hacking/Stealing.

To enable login alert Follow the Steps given below:

1. First of all login to your Facebook account.
2. Now Go To Setting > Security & Login.
3. Now in option, Setting up Extra Security you can enable Login alert.

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#2 Setup Two – Factor Authentication:  

If you want to more secure your Facebook Account, so I recommended you to use this Feature of Facebook. Using this Feature no one can access your Facebook Account If someone tries to log in to your Facebook account so you will get a Notification on your phone Number or Email.

For Step up Two – Factor Authentication on your Facebook Account Follow the Steps Given below;

1. First of all Login to your Facebook account.
2. Go To Setting > Security & Login.
3. Then click on Setup Two – Factor Authentication.
4. You can choose any Two-Step Verification Setup.

#3 Hide your Contact & Basic Information: 

If you want to Protect yourself From Hacking attacks, then Hide your Basic Information. And Mostly Hide your Phone Number and Email Address [Must Hide].

To Hide Your Contacts & Basic Info then follow the Steps given below;

1. First of all login to your Facebook account.
2. Now Go To your Profile and Click on About.
3. Go To Contact & Basic Info.
4. And Select Only Me for Mobile Number and Email.

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#4 Use Trusted Contacts: 

If you want To Secure your Facebook account then you must use Trusted Contacts Feature. If you have any Problem logging to your Facebook Account, so you can easily recover your Facebook Account by the help of Trusted Contacts.

To set up Trusted Contacts Follow the Steps given below;

1. First of all Login to Your Facebook Account.
2. Now Go To Setting > Security & Login.
3. Now Click on Setting up Extra Security.
4. Now you can add your 3 to 5 Trusted Friends.

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#5 Don’t Click on Any Malicious Links:

You must keep this in Mind, so don’t click on any Unknown Link. If you Enter any Login link By Mistake, so Don’t enter your Login Detail on that Link. Entering your Facebook account detail you must Keep eyes on the Link page URL, the Link URL must be

If you want to protect your Facebook Account from Hacking, then you must keep the 5 Tips in your Mind, if you follow the 5 Tips Correctly then No one Hacker can hack your Facebook Account.

Hope you will be enjoyed this Article. And Also Share this with Your Friends and Relatives and tell them about this, So they can also Protect their Self from Hacking Attacks. 
Thanks For Reading…………

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