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Hi There! Hacking Whatsapp Account is a Fashion Nowadays, Everyone want to about Hacking Whatsapp Account. So it’s not so easy To Hack someone Whatsapp Account. Not just Whatsapp Account Hacking every Internet Account is Not an Easy Job. But if you work hard so you will have more Fun in Hacking. So Today we will Show you 3 Working Methods for Hacking Whatsapp Account, From which you can Easily Hack every Whatsapp Account.


Method1: Using Spy Software:

Steps To Hack Whatsapp: 


First of all Download [The Truth Spy] Software in Your Android Phone.

After that Install it in Your Victim(Whose Account You want To Hack) Phone.

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After installing it in Your Victim Phone Now Open it And Register….

After Registration Accept Terms & Condition.


After That Now Activate Administrator…

When you Activate this Now Hide this App (You will Find App Hide Option There).

For Unhide Dial #2013* ( And you see your App Again).

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Now you’re Work Done! Now For Reading/Seeing Your Victim Detail, Go to The Truth Spy Site. And Sign In.

After Login you can See Your Victim all Detail, You can See Your Victim Whatsapp Message……

So using the above Method You can Hack everyone Whatsapp Account using SPY Software.

Method2: Make A Dangerous Hotspot:

Points To Hack Whatsapp:

  1. First of all Download Whatsapp Sniffer App in Your Android Phone.
  2. Now Connect Your Friends with your Hotspot, And Provide him using Wifi For Free.

  3. Now Open Whatsapp Sniffer, And Connect…..

   4. Click on Start and Connect it.

   5. Now Enter your Friend Detail And Connect it.

Now All Done! Now You can Easily Read your Friend Whatsapp Messages. So using this Method You can Easily Hack your Friends or Relative Whatsapp Account.

Alert: “Hacking is an illegal Work. And this Post Information is for Education purpose only. If you use it for Bad use so you will Be Responsible for yourself. Jabran Ali TV and Author will not be Responsible in Such Things. Try it on Your Own Risks.

Method3: Extract Whatsapp Messages:

Step To Hack Whatsapp:


First of all Take Your Victim Phone For Some time. And create his Whatsapp account Backup. For creating Backup First of all Open Whatsapp and then Go to Whatsapp Setting.

Now Go To Chat.

Now Click on Chat Backup.

Now Click on Backup And Create Backup.


  1. After Creating Backup Now in Victim Phone Go to File Manager > Sdcard > Whatsapp > Database And Copy all Data Files, in your any Chip.
  2. Now you’re Work Done! Now Return Victim Phone to Him.
  3. Now in Which Chip you Copied Database File, Insert it in Your Phone.
  4. Now Past all Database Files in your Phone Sdcard > Whatsapp > Database.
  5. Now Download And Install Whatsapp Tri Crypt Apk in your Phone.

     6. Now Click on Decrypt Whatsapp Database. And Convert That Database Files into .db file.


  1. Now Download Sqlite Editor Apk in your Android Phone, Install it And then Open it.
  2. Now Click on Files And Go To Sdcard > Whatsapp > Database And Open that Database Files.

So Using That 3 Methods You can Hack any Whatsapp Account And Read his/her Conversation easily. We hope you will  Like this Post. Thank You!

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