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If you want to see your friend’s camera on your phone or your Computer? Or want to see your android phone camera on your laptop, so we are going to tell the best trick for this that how to hack any android phone camera and see on your computer live. Let’s start!


  1. Internet connection will be required.
  2. You and victim should have to connect on same network connection (I mean you and your victim should connect to the same wifi.

How To Hack Mobile Camera?


First of all whom mobile you want to hack, install IP Webcam app in his android.


Open IP Webcam, click on start server.

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Now phone camera will start after clicking on start sever.


Now you will see IP/URL. You have to copy that, and click on action then click on Run In Background.


Now your 50% work has been completed! Now open Google Chrome on your pc/android and past that IP/URL which you have copied and search.

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Now IP Webcam page will open for watching your Victim Phone Camera Recording Live, Click on Flash/Fullscreen.

Now Video and Audio will show to you. With Taking Screenshot You can Also Record the Video.

So using this Method you can watch your friends Camera Live in your Android/Computer, With Audio.


Which Phone/Computer you use for Watching your Victim Camera live Recording, Flash player must be Install in this. You can use Adobe Flash Player in Android. If you liked this Posts so Share this On Social Media with Your Friends. 
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Warning: “Hacking is an illegal Work. And this Post Information is for Education purpose only. If you use it for Bad use so you will Be Responsible for yourself. Jabran Ali TV and Author will not be Responsible in Such Things. Try it on Your Own Risks.

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