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Hi There! Is your Phone Hanging Due to Low RAM? Yes so your Problem can be Solve Here by reading our post today. The main Problem of Hanging your Phone is due to the Installation of many Apps in your Phone. If your Phone RAM is low and there are many System apps Installed in your Phone. And in every Phone Unwanted apps install for free. But you cannot uninstall it. And it Open every time and running on Your Background and use your RAM. From which your Phone Hanging and also Your Phone Battery Charge will Finish Faster. So today we are showing you how to Uninstall Waste pre-Installed Apps from Your Phone…….

Uninstall System Apps Without ROOT:

Requirements to Uninstall System Apps:

  1. Debloater PC Software. [ Download
  2. Android Version 4.4+ 
  3. Enable USB Debugging in Your Android Phone.
For Enable USB Debugging:- Go To Setting > Developer Mode > USB Debugging.

NOTE: If developer Option Not Showing in Your Phone Then, Go To Setting > About and Now Click 7 Times on Build Number.

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Steps to Uninstall Apps:


  1. First of All Download Debloater Software in your Computer, and then Install it.
  2. Now Connect Your Phone with Computer using Data Cable.
  3. Now Open Debloater.


Now it will Open Like this………

Now above in Right Side Click on READY MY DEVICE…


Now you’re Phone all Apps will Show To you…

Now select apps which you want to be Uninstall. And Click on Remove

Now after Clicking on Remove your app will be Permanently Remove From your Phone.

Important Note:- Don’t Remove Such System Apps which is Important for Your Phone. Because If you don’t have any Knowledge about it so ask it from any Expert. Because removing any important apps From Your Phone it can Damage Your Phone. If it is done by Your Mistake So JabranAliTV and Author Will Not be Responsible for Any Damage. ( *THIS NOTE ARE APPLY ON ALL TRICKS OF THIS SITE* )

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Uninstall System Apps with ROOT

Requirements To Uninstall Apps:

  1. Rooted Android Phone. [ How To ROOT ]
  2. SuperUser Apk [ Download ]
  3. My Guide!

Steps To Uninstall Apps:


First of all open SuperUser apk in Your Rooted Android Smartphone.
After Opening Your App, Now Click on Delete Icon in Middle….

Now Click on System Application……..


After Clicking on system Apps You’re all system apps will show to You, Now which app you want to be Remove, Simply Click on Delete Icon…

Now Click on YES. Now All Done! Your System App has Permanently Uninstalled. Now You can Check it, Go To Setting > App.

So using This Methods You can Uninstall Any Android System Apps. We Hope You will Have Liked this Post. So Also Share this with your Friends on Social Media. Thank you!

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