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How to record a slow Motion Video? If you are a video Editor! / If you want to be to become a Video Editor? So this Article Will Very Helpful For you. So today we will Show You How to record a Slow Motion Video from Your Android Smartphone. And How to slow any Video Speed?

I think you have Seen many Times This Features in Videos. If You Edits Videos from a Computer. So you will Find This Features in Many Software’s. But If You using Android Smartphone for Editing Your Videos So May be In Your app This Feature will not be Available.........

So today we will Show You the Top 5 Best Android Apps from which you can easily use Slow Motion Video Recording Features. So let’s get started...

Top 5 Apps To Record Slow Motion Videos:

  •  Record your speech and make it slow – you will sound really strange.
  •  Record some objects falling down like – Tablespoon, Nuts, Seeds and…..make it slow – it will look funny!
  • Make your speech fast – You will sound like a tiny little mouse!
  • Record your spitting water and slow it down.
  • Record your Pets in Slow Motion.

  •  Shoot, Edit, and Share videos in beautifully smooth slow motion without the hassle of transferring Files.
  •  Record your spitting water and slow it down.
  • FAST MOTION – jump from slow to fast and vice versa for a fun Feel.
  • RENDERLESS EDITING – edit in/out points, Slow Motion cues and Speed without waiting.

  • Trim: Cut out any unwanted movements.
  • Sound Effects: Choose From animal’s noises, Farts, Vine Quotes, Explosions, Laughter, etc.
  • Music: Add from your IPod library or VideoShop’s Stock Library.
  • Adjust Display: Change Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, etc.
  • Merger: Combine Multiple Clips into one.
  • Slow Motion/Fast Motion: Adjust Video Speed to Slow and Fast motion.
  • Text: Type your own with color and Various Fonts.
  • Animated titles: Introduce your Videos with Animated titles.
  • Voice Over: Record Your own Voice over the Videos.
  • Voice Over: Record Your own Voice over the Videos.
  • Photos: Create Slideshow Easily.\
  • Filter: Select From Several Instagram-Inspired Filters to enhance your Videos.
  • Transitions: Choose from 10 Transitions to animate between video Clips.
  • Stop Motion: Create vine Videos with Stop Motion Recording.
  • Reverse: Playback Videos in reverse.
  • Resize: Rescale your Videos within the Video Frame.
  • Copy: Create Duplicate Videos Clips.
  1. Trim: Cut out any wanted Moments.
  2. Easy to Share your Newly Converted videos to Facebook, Twitter, By Email, or any others Sources of Sharing.
  3. Your accelerates or Slowed Videos can be set to any speed between 1/8x and 8x the original Video’s Speed.
  4. Slow Motion/Fast Motion: Adjust Video Speed to Slow and Fast motion.
  5. Your fast or Slow Motion video can even be converted as the app allows output videos to be saved in any of the following Formats: Mp4, Avi, flv, wmv, asf.


  1. Trim unwanted portion of the Video.
  2. Easily obtain information about your Video’s playtime, File Size, and Resolution.
  3. Set result video Resolution and Quality.
  4. Add Background Music.
  5. Fast Transcoding.
  6. Share your Video via SMS, E-mail, Facebook, YouTube and any other apps you want to Share with.
  7. Timelapse & Slow Motion Mode (0.25 – 4 Speed).
  8. You can capture the Moments of Videos.\Save Encoded Videos to Albums.

So that was the Top 5 Best Android apps from which you can easily use Slow Motion Video Features.

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