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Hi there! Today we are showing a 100% Working Trick about Hacking a Facebook account. From which you can easily Hack any Facebook account and Find their Username And Password. We have also Uploaded many Tricks about Hacking Facebook Password You can also Read that. So you will Find many Tricks on Internet About Hacking Facebook Account but Some of them Don’t Work, But Today we will show you a Working Trick. From which You can hack Everyone Facebook Account. So let’s get started….

“Hack Facebook Account Step By Step”


First of all, Go To Wapka Site, And create your New Account…..


After Creating Your account, Now Confirm your Email And then Create Your New Site.

Now Click on Create New Site.

Enter your Site Name, And Select Wapka Domain. Now Click on Submit, After creating your Site then Click on Manage……


Now in Site Management Click on Basic Setting, then Click on Edit text.

After that Now Click on Chat/Forum.

Now in Forum/Chat, a Forum Type Page will Open, Fill it Like This….

  1. Name: Email or Phone. 
  2. Text: Password
  3. Submit: Login 
  4. Leave Remaining Options Empty 
  5. Then in the Last Click on Edit.

Now Go To Admin Mode.

After going to Admin Mode, Now in right Side Click on Edit Site.

After That Create a New Forum in which all Hacked Username And Password will Store/Come.For Creating a New Forum Click on Forum.

Now Create a New Forum Like This……….

  1. Enter any Name in Forum Name. 
  2. Leave all the Things empty. 
  3. Click on Submit.


After Creating Your Forum, Now Click on Forum.

In right Side Copy Your Forum ID. And Save it everywhere. This will help you in Future.

Now Click on Edit Site and Set your Forum Visibility, by means of which only Show Hacked Username And Password.

After clicking on Edit Site, then Click on User > Items Visibility.

Now Tick Mark above and Click on Set.

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When you Set your Visibility, Then Again Go To Edit Site. And click on WML/XHTML Code.

Now a Page will Open Like this……….

Now you have to Enter Phishing Page Coding and then Submit it. Now which type of Phishing Page you want to Create Download it from Below.

Facebook Phishing Page For Wapka:

  1. Facebook Original Page. [ Download ]
  2. Auto Like Facebook Phishing Page. [ Download ]
  3. Facebook Account security Phishing Page. [ Download ]
  4. Teen Patti Facebook Phishing Page. [ Download ]

Now which Type of Fake Facebook Phishing Page you want to create, Download it and open it in Notepad. And Copy it’s all Coding and Upload it to Wapka Page.

Here in this article, we are going to use Facebook Original Login Page…..

Now Copy all Coding……….


Before Copying you’re Coding, First Press Ctrl+F and Search for XXXX and Replace XXXX on your Forum ID.

After Replacing XXXXXX from Your Forum ID, Now Copy the Coding, And then Past it in Wapka Page.

Now Click on Submit. Now All Done! Now your Facebook Phishing Page is Ready. Now Whom Facebook Account you want to Hack Send This Link to His/her, so he will consider this link like an Original Facebook Page and he has to Login His/her Account, His/her username And Password will Send to your Gmail Account after Signing, it will Mail to That Gmail Account From which you have created Wapka Account.

Alert:Hacking is an illegal Work. And this Post Information is for Education purpose only. If you use it for Bad use so you will Be Responsible for yourself. ExpertGuider and Author will not be Responsible for Such Things. Try it on Your Own Risks.

So using this Method You can Hack someone Facebook Account Easily. We hope this Post will be Interesting for You. So Don’t Forget to Share this on SOCIAL MEDIA. Thank You!

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