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Guys! Today we will Learn That What is Brute Force or Dictionary Attack? How Hackers Hack Your Accounts Password using Brute Force. using Brute Force Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo, Gmail, Wifi And Others Login Site Can be Hacked. If Your Password is Not so Strong.

Hackers Brute Force (Dictionary) using this attack Just Those People account can be Hack When they do not Focus on Their Security And Their Password. If Your Password is also Easy So Any can Crack your Password using This Brute Force Attack.

So Today we Will Telling You That what is Brute Force Attack? How to use it And How Where to use it?


"Hacking is an illegal Work. And This Post Information is For Education Purpose Only. If you use it in the Wrong way, So you will be responsible for And Admin Will Not be Responsible for anything.
What is Brute Force Attack?

It's also Called Dictionary Attack, Because in this Method because using this Technique Many Passwords should be Try on Your Account, Which is Save in One File Like in this File Random Character, Number, Special  Character have a Large List. And which is used To Try on Your Account Password with The Help of Software/Script, if Your Password is So Easy, So it Need a bit little Time To Match with Your Password or Hack Your Password

From this Attack, You can Hack every Login Site & Wifi. But There is No Time Fixed for This, it Can Take 5 Minutes And Some Time it Can Take upto 5 days Depending on Your Victim's Password if it is Easy So it Can Take a Little Time to Crack Your Victim Password. If Your Victim Password is Strong so it Can will Take Some Days To crack Your Victim Account Password.

If You have Some Idea about Your Victim Password so You can Easily Crack Your Victim Password using This Technique.If You want to Hack your Friends or Relatives Password. So Brute Force attack is a Best Method.

Hack any Login Site from The Brute Force Attack Step By Steps:

You Do Not Need Any Software for Brute Force Attack If You are a user of Linux So you can Easily do Brute Force Attack. But Today we Will Showing You Brute Force Attack Without Linux.

Step1: First Of All Open Mozilla FireFox Browser in Your Computer. Then Install FireForce Plugin.

Install  FireForce

Step2: Now Open the Site that you want to Hack up the Victim's Account. (In this article we are Trying on
Step3: Now Type Victim Username, And in the Password Section Right click on that and then Click on FireFox.

Step4: After Clicking on Firefox Now Click on Generate Password.

Step5: Now you will See many Options, Now You can Try it One By One, If your You know that your Victim Password is in numeric Then Select 0-9 If it's in Alphabet Then Select a-z.

Step6: Now You can also use and Download More Password List From Internet. For that, Simply Click on Load Dictionary and Upload Passwords File.

If You wanna To Try many Passwords Typed By Yourself, Then Just Create a text File And Upload it. After That, Your Brute Force RUN will Start.

Step7: Now it Defend Upon Your Victim Password If it is easy/If You Uploaded a perfect Match of it. So you will Find His/her Password within 2 to 5 Minute.

So using Brute Force Technique You can Easily Crack Your Victim Easy Password.

How To Protect YourSelf From Brute Force Attack?:

What is the Brute Force attack? How Does it Work? You have Known About it. So To Protect Yourself  From Brute Force Attack, Then you have to Generate a Hard Password. So you all Know About it That If Your Password is so Easy it can be easily Crack using Brute Force.

If You use a Simple Password So Hacker can Crack your Password within 3-5 Minute. But if you use a Strong password, it can Take upto 5-10 Years To Crack your Password.

Simple Password Example: 11111, 22222, 33333
Strong Password Example: [email protected]

If you use a Strong Password Like That So it is Very Difficult To crack That From Brute Force attack. To Generate a Strong Password You can use this Sites and Passwordsgenerators.Net this Sites Will Help You to Generate A Strong Passwords.

So We Hope You will have known almost all Information About Brute Force Attack. If You have any Problem Related To This Post So Feel Free To ask From us. And Don't Forget To Share This Post on Social Media with Your Friends.


  1. Nice article, I know after a certaint number of attempts you'll get hit with a capatcha, how would you bypass that?

    1. You Need To Click on That Captcha Code And Enter the Specific Number on That You cannot leave it Empty

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