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If you wanna be To hack a computer,So Keylogger is a best Software for,You can look at anyone else's computer,How To Steal His username And Password?, How To read his Personal Messages? Actually I want to say How To Hack a Computer.You can also use it For Your Children. You can look at it......

How To Hack a Computer Step By Step?


First of all Download Ardamax Keylogger in Your Computer.

After Downloading,Then Unzip it. ( You Can You use WinRAR Software To unzip Ardamax Keylogger Zip File).

After Unzip it,Now Open it.You will now find 3 files in this zip file.
  1. Ardamax Keylogger Setup.
  2. registration Key Text File.
  3. Ardamax Keylogger Removal.

NOTE: Follow each Steps Of this Article Properly.If You miss Something,So All Your Hard Work will be Lost.Be careful!.

After Installing Setup File,Then In Your Computer in Taskbar The keylogger Icon Will Be showing,Right Click on That.

After Click on Right Now Click on Enter Registration Key.Now Open Registration Key Text File(Which Name is Serial.txt open Your Winrar Again you Will Find Text File there).Now Enter Name And Key in Ardamax Keylogger.

Now You will Need To Create a Server Of Ardamax Keylogger.When You Install That Server in Any Computer,And You Will Get His All Information.
Now Again Go to Taskbar Notification Menu And Click on Ardamax Keylogger,And Click on Remote Installation.
Now a Popup Window Will Appear on your Desktop,Click on Next.....

Now Again Click Next On Appearance Popup Window.

 Now Invisible Window will Appear,Mark all The Options and Click on NEXT.


Now Security Window will Appear.Click on Enable.And Enter Your Password(You can Enter Any Type Of your Own Password.Enter Your Real Password it Will be Needed in Further Steps).

After Entering Your Password,Then Click on Next And Mark all The Below Options.
Now a Web Update Window will Appear.
Unmark Check For Update And Click on NEXT.


Now Option Window Will Appear to You,There will be an Option which "Self Destroy" Now You Will Need To set Time Here (The time you set it up here,After That Time Keylogger will Automatically Delete From Your Victim Computer).

Set The Time And Click on NEXT.

Now control Window will Appear To You.

Mark Send Logs Every.And Set the Time 15.Now In Below Options Only Select FTP,And Click on NEXT.
Now You have To Enter your FTP Account Information.


Now For Making Your FTP Account,You can Go to Any Free Web Hosting Website.In this Article we are using 000Webhost.

After Going To This Site,Then Click on Sign UP,And Simply Create Your New Account.

After Creating Your Account Now Simply Follow The Steps Below;

  1. Now Click on +Icon or Build Website,And Create a New Site.
  2. Enter Any Name the Site,And Enter Any Password Then Click on Create.
  3. Now Click on Upload File,Then Click on Upload Files Now.
  4. Now a New Tab will Open,Click on +Icon And Create a New Directory.
  5. Enter the Directory Name Keylogger (You can Enter Any Name).
  6. Now Go To BaPas Control Panel Setting > Go To General, Now You will Find Your FTP Username And Password.Copy That.......

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Now Come To Bapas Keylogger  And Enter Your Username And Password,And Check Your Detail Then Click on TEST.(Internet Required)

After Entering Your Detail Then Click on NEXT,Now You will Find a Congratulation Message!,Now ScreenShot Window Will Appear To You........

Set the Time 15 Minutes And Click on NEXT....

If You wanna Be To Change Keylogger Icon( Then Click on Change Icon And Choose Your Own) Otherwise, Click on NEXT.....

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Now Last Finish Window Will Appear.Now Click on Finish.

Now Your Keylogger Server has Created,And it's Ready.Now You have To Install This in Your Victim's Computer.


"Hacking is an illegal Work.And This Post Information is For Education Purpose Only.From This You have Learnt that How Keylogger Work? And What is Keylogger?.If you use it Wrong, you will be responsible for And Admin Will Not be Responsible for anything.

So Now Your Work has Done! Now Whom Computer You wanna Hack,Just Install the Server File in His/Her Computer.When Your Victim use Internet So His/Her all Information will Save in Your FTP account of The Keylogger Directory (Folder).

So Using This Technique, You Can Hack Every Computer Using Keylogger.Using Keylogger You can Also Keep Eyes on Your Children[Must Try].If You Enjoyed This Article so Please Share this With Your Friends On Social Media!.

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