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If You want to hack Someone,And If You Want To Hack His/Her All Social Media Accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo, Gmail, Wifi etc And Get these all Account Passwords, And From Just One Click, So Today we are showing a Very Interested trick From which you Can Easily do this work using Your Pendrive.

If You want To hack Someone Computer and Get His/Her All Login userName and Password, Then this is the Best Method, You can do This Work From just one Click, using Your Pendrive.

But You Will Need To insert Your Pendrive in your Victim's Computer, After that His/Her all Username And Password will Automatically come/Transfer into your Pendrive. But If Your Victim has Installed Window 8,8.1,10, Then it Will not Work Automatically, For that You Need To Click on one File, Then you will Get all His/Her Username And Password.


Now You will Need To Follow Some Steps Given Below, Then You Can Convert Your USB Pendrive into a Hacking Machine.

Step1: First of all Download a Zip File From Here

Step2: After Downloading This File Now UNZIP it.When You try it To Unzip it. It will Need a Password From You. Enter the Password ' '.

Step3: When you Unzipped it, And Open the Folder, You will Find Some Folders like This;

Step4: Now Copy This Files And Move it To Your USB Pendrive.

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Step5: After Moving all Files To Your USB Pendrive. Now Simply Insert Your USB Pendrive Into Your Victim's Computer. ( If Your Victim Installed Window 8, 8.1, or 10, Then You have to Double Click on Your LAUNCH File. If he Doesn't Installed Windows 8, 8.1, 10 So Your Work Will Done Automatically ).

Step6: After Opening Launch File, Now all the Softwares in Launch File will Automatically RUN.

Step7: Now Your Work has Done. Now get out/Remove Your USB Pendrive From Your Victim computer. Now Again Insert a USB Pen Drive Into Your Computer, And Open it.

Step8: Now You can a See a TEXT File has been Created, Below the Every Software Files.In the Above Picture. (These TEXT files have all of Your Victim Detail Like Username And Password).

Step9: Now open all the Text Files One By One.....

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Step10: In the Above Picture You can See that We have Hacked the Victim Google ID username And Password.

So using This Method You can easily Insert Your USB Pendrive in Your Victim's Computer, And Hack all Username And Passwords.

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