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Hi There, Today We are showing you the Best Tricks ever.So in your computer you have been seen a Recycle Bin...So in computer Recycle Bin is very Useful System Icon.In computer When our Important data deleted from us so we can easily  recover that from Recycle Bin.But in Android Phone you cannot Recover Your Deleted data Files.If recycle Bin added to our Android SmartPhone.From that our phone Will Look like Amazing And we Can Easily Recover Our important Data.So Today we are going to show you the Best trick That is How To add Recycle Bin in Your Android SmartPhone.

Add Recycle Bin In Android Phone Step By Step:


First of All Download Dumpster Apk in your Android SmartPhone.    
                            DOWNLOAD HERE                                                                                 


After Download Install It In Your Android Smart-Phone.

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After successfully installed open it.Now you  will see this App like This:

Click On Skip Intro.

Now it will open And You will See That Dumper Is Empty.

How To Find Product/Serial Key Of Any Softwares:


Now Recycle Bin Has Added Into Your smartPhone.Now If you delete any File/Folder from your phone That will come to this App.

Now in this App you can Go to Setting And Set Everything For Yourself.

If you don't wanna go to this app for deleting data from this every time.So can also Set AutoClean Timer......For that First go to Setting.

 Click On Auto Clean.........


Now You Will See Three Option.

1. All Data Auto Clean in One Week.
2. All Data Auto Clean in One Month.
3. All Data Auto Clean in Three Months.

Which one Option is Suitable For You click On That And Then Click On Save.
All Done! Now When You deleted Some Files So First That Will Go to This Apk App from this your important data will not be deleted Permanently.So you Can Restore it Easily.......
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